Laszlo and I started the #NotDEAFeted Deaf Awareness Campaign on the 1st of September 2016, celebrating 16 years since he lost his hearing ability and had a cochlear implant. We were on a one month mission to raise awareness and educate the public on deaf matters while sharing our personal stories.

We also had two challenges running (“ILY Selfie” & “Sign Your Name” video clip) to show our support to DeafSA in its efforts to have SASL (South African Sign Language) recognized as the 12th official language of South Africa.

The #NotDEAFeted Deaf Awareness Campaign has reached over 120 000 people to date, with local talent, broadcasting media houses & radio stations supporting our cause. Below are a few of the most shared posts. 

Waking Up to Silence        – by Laszlo Maya

#NotDEAFeted                    – by Laszlo Maya

#DatingTheDeaf                 – by Ruth Abercrombie

Learning to Live with It    – by Ruth Abercrombie

Something to Celebrate   – by Laszlo Maya

We wanted to do more as more needed to be done. So, together with friends and family, we registered Maya Deaf Foundation, a Non-Profit Organisation that aims to promote deaf awareness and the rights of the hearing disabled.

You can find out more about our NPO over at

Maya Deaf Foundation (MDF) was officially registered on 21 February 2017, but its birth dates back to 1 September 2016. To celebrate Deaf Awareness Month, #NotDeafeted was initiated as an awareness campaign to spread awareness and highlight the plight of the D/deaf and hard of hearing. We wanted to do more, as more needed to be done. MDF aims to promote deaf awareness and the rights of the hearing disabled, being a breeding place of equality, hope and inspiration. Our objectives include, amongst others: ° To promote South African Sign Language °Provide financial assistance to underprivileged individuals who wish to acquire cochlear implants and hearing aids ° Initiate programmes which can aid the development of the D/deaf & hard of hearing, and encourage equal and full participation in society, effectively bridging the gap between the hearing and the deaf #MayaDeafFoundation #MDF #DeafActivist #NotDEAFeted #CochlearImplant #HearingAids #SignLanguage #SASL

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