I find myself living on the south coast of Africa and the wrong side of my twenties.

I am a sinner saved by Grace and a Pastor’s kid. I am my Sisters’ keeper and try to be my Mum’s right hand. I’m raising a Princess and laying stones with my Lover. I have a passion for poetry, love socializing and meeting new people. I am a deaf activist who struggles with Sign Language but refuses to throw in the towel. I do crossword puzzles like a ninja, hate sushi but love crafts and manicures. I am a natural hair enthusiast (currently rocking a curly ‘fro), an amateur photographer, and a coffee addict who loves dogs, sports and laughing herself into an asthma attack while looking like a horse.


Random facts about me: I don’t watch TV, shaved my head for cancer and I lowkey love knitting!

I started blogging on the 4th of May 2015 when I found myself in a quarter-life crisis. Looking back, I am amazed at how my life turned out and how much I’ve grown in just two years. Recently, Pursuing Purpose was announced the runner-up in the South African Blog Awards in the “Best Spirituality” Category. I can honestly say that this was just the cherry on the cake because writing and sharing has been most liberating! I do sponsored music- and book reviews for Cum Books and have a monthly feature on Girls Only, a radio show on PE fm 87.6