Not so long ago I celebrated my 25th birthday.

When reaching this particular age, it is said that, one tends to compare your achievements and your position in life to your peers’. Some even find themselves in a Quarter life Crisis, having serious regrets about decisions made in high school or college. Others may feel left behind by friends, climbing the corporate ladder or getting married.

Many may feel the need to prove to society that they are adults and may rush into things like moving out of their parents house. We often forget that we made those short – medium – long term goals, while in high school as teenagers who knew nothing about the ‘real world’. Most of those goals were probably unrealistic anyways.

This Is What I Posted On My Face Book Page 12/02/15

25 Life Lessons

On the day I turned 25 years of age, I found myself back under my parents roof, (technically ontop, I live in a flat upstairs) I just started a new job a month earlier, at an Accounting firm where I knew nobody and my husband, whom I’v been with for 9 years, left me 4 months prior, in search of a better life, fame and riches. (I suppose, i still don’t know the real reason). So does this mean that I’m at a disadvantage? I don’t think so!

I found comfort in Proverbs 19:21 that says: “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”  So I took out my note pad, consulted with God and drew up a new plan!!

25 Years of Grace

That same evening, I made a promise to myself… TO MAKE THE REST OF MY LIFE, THE BEST OF MY LIFE!!

If not for the Grace of God, where would i have been?

Thank you for reading this very long post, I don’t make promises I cant keep so the future posts will probably be just as long. Have a nice day, and let me know what your thought are…

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  1. Ruth, I’m proud of you… keep the faith and hold your head high!!
    You motivate me wow I’m inspired… I will because I can!! THERE IS NOTHING TO HARD FOR THE LORD…

  2. Why did I deprive myself of reading this? Like I’ve said on previously you a lioness my friend, it’s so awesome seeing the transformation from when this post was initially posted on fb to now, you have really gone full swung I’d say. I’m super proud off you thank you for showing us that what we may consider as the end can actually just be a start of something new.

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