…and not only that, but does he pray WITH you?

My father is a Pastor and when he speaks at weddings he would always mention the different types of intimacy that should be found in a marriage:

  • Intellectual Intimacy – Playing 30 Seconds, Discussing a Business Idea
  • Emotional Intimacy – Sharing your thoughts
  • Social Intimacy – You have your friends, I have mine and We have ours
  • Physical Intimacy – Going to the gym together, Taking walks in the park
  • Sexual Intimacy –  Dirr
  • Spiritual Intimacy – Reading the Bible together, Worshiping and Praying together

Today I want to stress the importance of Spiritual intimacy, as it’s often neglected. Honest to God, I can’t recall a day that I heard my (now ex) partner praying for me and whenever I asked him to pray with me, there would always be something very important that had to be done at that specific time.

I’ve been single for quite some time now and have been pondering on this topic and my status much over the passed month. I came to realize that when you’ve given your heart to the Lord, it doesn’t belong to you any more… You can’t just let anyone in, and walk all over it with their dirty feet. When you invited Jesus, you died to your self-pleasing nature and abandoned your will for your life to pursue the purpose He has for you.


I want to encourage my single sisters to wait upon the Lord, seek first His kingdom! Don’t take matters into your own hands. God knows exactly what you need and He will send the one…

The one who will be more concerned with the condition of your soul then the clothing you wear.

The one who will seek spiritual- instead of sexual intimacy with you.

The one who will not only pray for you, but also with you.

The one who will understand that he will never be the lover of your soul because Jesus holds that position.

Until the time is ripe and God sends THAT one… you ought to be praying For him.

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