God’s time isn’t our time – a saying we so often use as words of comfort when things don’t go our way or when our plans are delayed and prayers go unanswered. We try to convince ourselves that things will happen exactly when they are supposed to, and that there lies a reason behind the retardment, and that one day when we look back, we will understand and see the bigger picture.

But why can’t we keep the same energy when the process SUDDENLY gets accelerated? For instance, when God uses an unexpected job opportunity as a catalyst to make your two-year plan happen in just a few months?

It is sudden changes like these that leave us feeling overwhelmed because things are happening too fast and this-and-that is not in place yet. Finances weren’t put aside to support this SUDDEN CHANGE IN DIRECTION, and action needs to be taken NOW- but you haven’t had enough time to think it through.

The latter required crazy faith, action and surrendering control.

I started using #TheMoveIsBlessed while documenting my move from PE back to JBay and then to the Karoo, in my IG stories, it came after I had an epiphany that God was making this so extremely easy for me. Things literally fell into place. Everything came together!  As soon as a challenge wanted to present itself, a solution would be like: “Nope we ain’t having that – return to sender”.

Not so long ago, I woke up in my garden cottage (which I fondly refer to as my shack) laughing at the thought of how I got there – the very flat I haven’t even viewed prior to paying the deposit and first month’s rent for. My boyfriend, his mom and sister viewed a few places on my behalf and the ladies ended up choosing this one for me. I knew they wouldn’t put me up just anywhere coz they’re both fussy and I trust their judgement.

Let me balance you real quick with the details…

I was going about my day in January 2019 when Laz asked me to help draft a CV and create an email address for his cousin who was seeking employment. I was just about done with that when his sister-in-law called me. I couldn’t answer the call as my work phone was ringing at the same time. She left me a WhatsApp text informing me about a vacancy she had learnt about and felt that I should apply as it would be perfect for me. Do bear in mind that I was working at a new company for about 10 months at the time (which I chose over the TEFL – Language Consultant job where I was only teaching for a month). I had just started adjusting to my routine, little did I know I’d be making my third “career change” in the space of one year. Hectic, I know! So sister-girls’ friend then sent me the details and the email address, and I applied for the position.

While helping someone else, God made it happen for me!

After the interview and salary negotiations, I was made an offer – on my birthday. Obviously, I accepted, otherwise I wouldn’t have been typing this post.

Move-day finally came and my parents together with Jaz brought me to Graaff Reinet – to this beautiful town in the Karoo, the place I now call home.  To others it’s merely an old town in a drought stricken area, to me – my land of milk & honey!

Relocating to a new place and having to adapt to your new surroundings isn’t always easy. Our first instinct as a human being is to find a place, space or tribe to which we can belong. This past few months I’ve come to the realization that it is equally important to identify the places where I DO NOT belong and individuals whom I have no business surrounding myself with.

It has been a whole 366 days of me being here and I have had many challenges, both personally and professionally. But you just can’t keep a blessed woman down! God has shown me tremendous favour and connected me with people whom I have learnt so much from. The opportunities I’m being afforded and experiences is but a fragment of what God is going to make happen. I have absorbed so much in such a short period and became part of a team who are absolute legends in their respective fields.


My reality is so, so beautiful. I prayed for this.

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