My family and I are big on birthdays. We take it so, so serious. We divide the  birthdayee’s chores amongst ourselves or allow it to stand over till the next day. We expect little to nothing from them, except that they brush their teeth, of course. The birthday girl or boy also gets to decide what’s on the menu for the entire day. We sing and make them a priority in the prayers that echoes down the passage from my parents’ bedroom.

This year Laz got to experience how we do birthdays. And it made my heart happy to share my family and this little tradition we have going in our home, with him. He did however chop wood and start the fire.

I remember a time where we weren’t always by means to buy birthday gifts but we sure knew how to make a huge fuss – making someone the centre of attention for a whole day to celebrate their existence and the space they occupy in our lives and reminiscing on scenes surrounding their birth. I absolutely love my birth story, how my dad had an altercation with the doctor after my mom was in labour for nearly 23 hours and he, the doctor, forced her into giving normal birth. I was eventually born through C-section and named by my dad. “Ruth” coz he thought I was beautiful (he still does), amongst other reasons, and “Mandy” for Mandela coz 11/02/1990 (rolls eyes). Yeah, he used to be heavy into politics. Anyways, we see a birthday as an opportunity to honour a loved one, to speak a blessing and to make them feel special, even just for one day.

I was stuck in traffic when my parents called me on my birthday two days ago. It was raining cats and dogs and they took turns wishing me. I wanted to be home so bad! I wanted to eat “hoender nekkies”! Believe it or not, this is my choice of delicacy. So, I fought back the tears and “Amen’d” to their declarations and them sharing their prayer for me, with me.


It reminded me of the message Uncle Jimmy shared a few weeks earlier when I visited their ministry. Biblical faith has two components according, to Romans 10:9 – believing in your heart and speaking the truth. Believing is secretive – it happens in your heart. But speaking is public. He continued by saying that we all have a measure of faith and the way to increase it is by hearing the Word. He encouraged the assembly to start speaking the Word over their lives as it has creative power.

And as I was reading the beautiful wishes and blessings being spoken over my life, it also reminded me of the prophetic utterances that went out and the duty I have to steward it. I always try and find confirmation in His Word whenever someone speaks into my life. We can’t simply just accept anything.

I love how God speaks to prepare me before something happens. He really doesn’t have to because He’s God and all, but still … He speaks. To edify us. Allow me to share some of the words that were spoken over my life:

  • “Everything is going to be okay”(in an American accent). I was like “wow”, taken aback by the fact that everybody was receiving extraordinary prophecies and God made this woman travel so far just to tell me everything is going to be okay. If only I knew what was to follow. God gave me this Word and a week later I was dumped over text messaging by someone whom I promised forever to, and who promised it to me too. Promises were broken but God kept His word. And it’s been more than just okay! HE IS MY PROMISE KEEPER! HE IS YESTERDAY, TODAY AND FOREVER MORE. HIS WORD IS YES AND AMEN, HE CANNOT LIE! 2 Corinthians 1:20


  • “Your creativity won’t let you go hungry. You will create great things coz you’ve got greatness inside of you”, and something along the lines of fashion and design. This was spoken over me at a high tea by an aunty named Linda Frans. Up to now I don’t feel like I’ve generated an income off of my God-given talents and creativity but it sure helped me out of a few tight spots. I’ve also met the most amazing individuals whom have added so much value to my life. YOUR GIFT WILL MAKE ROOM FOR YOU! Proverbs 18:16


  • “It’s your unconventional way of doing things that will set you apart. Don’t hold back. Say what you need to with boldness”, said Pastor Helga, also at a high tea (also, this was the last one I attended coz clearly God has it in for me at these events). I AM CHOSEN, I WAS MADE TO SERVE THIS PURPOSE. Isaiah 49:1-7


  • “They left becoz they’re not fit to go where I’m taking you. A great woman needs a great man”– Ps Patrick Duncan. Romans 8:18


  • “Write it and send it”– Ross. I’ve written an amazing book and didn’t want to publish it, until I got this confirmation. Now I’m just here trying to save up R10k to get it edited, cover designed and printed. Then I want to school-tour it. (Pray for me, or sow into this project, or buy it when it’s launched, whichever). Revelations 1:11


Life and death are in the power of the tongue. Choose to speak a blessing and positive affirmations over yourself and your loved ones today. And if you wish, follow me as I set out to do so over the next 29 days starting tomorrow in my Instagram stories.

Ruth <3


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