If ever I wasn’t convinced of the fact that I am a small-town-living kinda girl, now I TOTALLY am!

I looked at my perfectly pedicured feet, nicely snuggled in my coral flops that’s covered in dirt, while the quiet of the farm made my people’s laughter sound a little louder than usual. I ceased all activity for a moment as I stood up to gaze over the plantation and watch them go about this little strawberry picking adventure.

And it hit me like a ton of bricks … I am living the life I’ve always wanted!

A beautiful and blessed life!

I couldn’t think of a better way to start my year than with the people whom I love.

We had plans to take the kids to the Wacky Water Park in Jeffreys Bay to enjoy the floating obstacle course and slides but it was closed due to the bad weather conditions. Seeing that we were already set to go, we  decided to take a trip to a neighbouring town called Hankey and join in on the strawberry picking hype that was storming social media. I’m so happy we did!

The day was gloomy but it didn’t dampen the atmosphere. Instead, it enhanced the beautiful surroundings, creating the perfect backdrop for these moments to be frozen in time. Plus, it contributed to a wonderful farm experience. We frequently reminded the little ones to be gentle with the plants and to only pick the ripe fruits. I hope this will make them a little more aware of the environment and our responsibility towards it.

The excitement didn’t end when we left the farm, coz what were we going to do with all the berries? Smoothies, of course. So when we got home I rinsed and trimmed the fruit, and filled the blender with vanilla flavoured ice-cream and two handfuls of strawberries. The way we sipped on those drinks with pride knowing that we laboured, made it much more sweeter.

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