It was indeed a very merry occasion filled with pleasant surprises – literally and figuratively!

Lu & Elle made the things to be done, as always! Every year they pull rabbits out of hats and I honestly don’t know how they do it!

The “FOR- BLOGGERS-ONLY” year end festivities took place at Bonamia. The setting was as Christmassy as can be, and Eskom added some flair to this grand affair coz they felt that we needed a candlelit dinner.

Seeing that it was just us web logging humans, no brands and no partners (except for Deenah and Mav of course, and the lovely couple that chases the rainbow), we were a small group of 24 or so individuals. It’s funny how you can tell who’s who or match the blogger to their niche – like the beauty bloggers came all beautified and brow’ed up, the fashion bloggers came as if they just stepped out of a magazine and well … this spiritual blogger came in high spirits.

I love the fact that we had to pre-order from the menu options Luchae sent us. So I felt extremely chuffed with myself for making  healthy food choices seeing that I’m on this wellness journey. Plus, ordering in advance means that you can’t come change it up at the last minute! I had delicious peri-peri chicken livers as a starter. No photo was taken coz as soon as it landed on the table in front of me it went straight into my mouth, after I said a prayer of course. For my main I chose grilled fish, and I promise I didn’t eat the chips. I bet you are bored to death with me and my food diaries, so let me spill some tea on what transpired BTS at the “Blogger’s Staff Party”, as Justellabella so fondly refers to the mini-meet .

BTW, I don’t think Lu’s conclusion on her post  is 100% accurate, after the “Dirty Santa” situation.

We played this game where a person would go grab a gift and then had to reveal it. The next person then had the option of grabbing their own gift or to “steal” any of the previously revealed gifts from the other bloggers. It all went well until Vee got a Vodacom Modem and data voucher.  She was super-stoked (I honestly don’t know why coz she has wifi at home and at work) but I guess a huge amount of free data is one of those things that makes bloggers go bonkers.

Then Deenah, a whole church person, paved the way for all savages to expose themselves. Yip, you guessed it. She stole Vee’s gift! We had an “oohh ahhh” moment and proceeded while a very upset Vee used my ultimate cuss word “bleddiewil!”

I’m not ashamed to inform you that I too, took somebody else’s gift. Elle got a 2019 diary in one of my fav colours, a kiddies devotional and a pack of conversation starters from Christian Art Media, and told me “this is so you”. I couldn’t agree more. It was a rather pleasant exchange.

We weren’t really bothered with how things turned out, coz we kind of know who has it in them to “steal” and who doesn’t. Or so we thought! I’m sure we all had a near death experience when our kind-hearted, soft spoken, sunbeam blogger Odette got out of her chair and stepped over to Deenah to “ask” for the Vodacom gift! I was totally thunderstrucked!

The highlight of my evening was getting to know Tee and Yolande on a personal level, seeing Mel after a year plus, and the drive home with Vee. I didn’t know that setting foot into that car would amount to SO MUCH laughter! I noticed how a guy flicked at us, but I thought it’s probably because we are cute, but apparently we were driving a good 2 km without lights. Luckily the road was well lit. The police started following us as we were nearing my house, or so we thought. And I promise you, we had no wine (we kept it bottled and saving it for a special occasion) but we always act like drunk teenagers when we are together.

I loved every minute of being with my tribe! I love that we share knowledge and contacts and truly support each others’ hustles. I will be sharing mini reviews of the gifts we got over at my IG, so please make sure to follow me <3

PS: I’ll be updating this post with photographs as soon as Mav posts them 😉

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