We had such a crazy-good weekend and clearly Laz wasn’t ready for it to end. He had some of that awesomeness spill over into the new week when he picked me up from work on Monday afternoon to go and redeem the prize he won at the ECMeetUp.

We drove down to Baakens Valley and I was super surprised at the night life there, even during the week. We entered the venue, or is it called a gym? Anyways, we met with Ian who sorted us out with climbing gear of which the most important is the shoes. I am not going to lie – they are uncomfortable, but for good reason!

I loved the vibe they had going. Lekker music and graffiti/artwork always makes me feel some sort of way. The youngsters who frequents there are friendly and very eager to show off their tricks upon request.

We started off bouldering. It is a form of rock climbing without making use of a rope, coz the climb is relatively close to the ground. The artificial rocks are known as ‘boulders’. This part seems easy, until he gives you a “route” which simply means that you only climb certain coloured boulders, eg. green/yellow route. Don’t trust the people who makes this look easy. They are busy with foolery, I’m telling you!

Then we got strapped up and things intensified. The rope is just there to help you come down and to prevent a fall. But climbing up that long vertical wall is all on you! This was mentally challenging and physically taxing. You have to touch and feel and then decide which boulders to grab, and these things are small and funny-shaped so go there with short nails!

#Bouldering not as easy as it looks …but with Laszlo 'Laz' Maya I can do anything!

FYI #SpeedClimbing is an Olympic Sport

Posted by Pursuing Purpose on Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Nothing beats the feeling of sliding down! Legs all jello after conquering that wall one boulder at a time! 

Valley Crag has been operating for the last 8 months and I’d urge anyone who has not yet paid them a visit to do so. Also those who have been, go again… they are expanding! Take a few friends/colleagues and have some fun. The rates are shockingly reasonable, so check out their website for trading hours and other info.

Happy climbing!

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