I’m sitting at my parent’s kitchen table typing up a storm on my dad’s laptop while sipping on a cup of liquid magic at an ungodly hour. It’s not the java that is keeping me up tonight because I’ve got inspiration doing that. Not even the Boks loss can dull my sparkle. I’m on an inexplicable high right now!

This morning I woke up, threw a denim on denim outfit together and headed off to the Fairview Racing Course to attend the annual bloggers meetup. I don’t know why it’s called “Fairview” coz it’s somewhere between Greenbushes and Seaview. BTW, it took me 6 songs to get there, but the scenery made the drive worth it.  I also get super excited whenever I see a “grondpad” …so taking that wrong turn-off added some adventure.

I invited Laz along so he could meet my tribe and at the same time learn and grow with me, seeing that he occasionally guest posts on my blog and write articles for our NPO’s website.

His reactions and remarks to certain things was so amusing! “You bloggers are all the same but very different”. Weirdly enough, this made sense to me.  I think it takes a certain type of something, a gene of some sort  (if I may), or maybe it’s the way we are wired that makes us bloggers.

The same goes for bloggers’ partners, I think. I was very observant of our husbands/boyfriends. They are also very much alike … and waaaay more private! To date/be wedded to a blogger, one must be very chilled and able to bear much! Out of all, I think Robin (Elle’s hubby) and Laz are in the same WhatsApp group. I’m convinced that they are at their happiest just being flies on the wall.  Whereas Neal (Davene’s hubby), Ian (Vee’s hubby) and Christopher  who is affectionately known as “Hubsterpher” to MySpreadsheetBrain followers (Lu’s hubby) are a tad more social. From the bottom of my heart gents, thank you so much for supporting our hustle!! Much love and appreciation to Chris & Rob who got tasked with ECMeetup planning activities.

Anyways, enough about them. This event was about US – the bloggers of Eastern Cape!

Guys, I walked up to the tables and I legit felt underdressed! The table settings were more on fleek than I will ever dare to be, and the food looked almost too pretty to eat. Emphasis on ALMOST!

Inside story: Vee ate a flower! A whole real live rose.

Also,I entered the venue twice just to get another welcome drink…Ohkay I’m lying but I did consider doing it!

This event presented me with the opportunity to meet new and upcoming bloggers from the Bay and a face-to-face-no-filter experience with my Instagram tribe.

The organizers Lu & Elle OUTDID themselves once again! They hooked us up with cool brands, awesome prizes and goodie-bags. I love that they headhunt knowledgeable guest speakers who are passionate about what they do and are willing to assist and invest in our growth! I also like that they always get one home-grown guru and then return flights to Port Elizabeth for industry professionals. This year Megan Kelly spoke more on the admin side of blogging and etiquette when approaching brands and about valuing yourself / your brand.

My favourite part of the event was of course the TravelStart Team’s talk done by Lyle Scritten, who is a blogger himself. My followers will know that I am an aspiring travel blogger who is continuously working on improving her craft and trying to write dope blog posts and take breathtakingly amazing snaps. For the longest of times I’ve felt unworthy of the title “Travel Blogger” for the mere fact that I have never even crossed the borders of ZA… so I created the #Adventuring category over here where I share my “trips / mini-travels” with you.  I felt, and am still feeling hella inspired by Lyle, you can expect an overshare on your timelines real soon!

By the looks of our guests’ social media, it seems that PE has lived up to its name, we are not called the friendly city for nothing!

There were a lot of tweeting and sharing going on, so follow the #ECMeetUp hashtag on any and all platforms to see what the rest had to say about the day. This week I’ll be sharing mini reviews so make sure you follow me on social media.

If you are a blogger or aspiring blogger… do right by yourself and attend the next MeetUp!

Meanwhile back at the ranch, our airport name change debacle continues… but not to worry, this will have absolutely no effect on your trips here. So keep booking those PE flights. Have yourselves a kick-ass day and may you wonder where the wifi is weak.


*I hope you enjoyed this collaboration by Pursuing Purpose and Travelstart… with a sneak peek as to what goes down at these blogging events. Photographs are my own.

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  1. Ruth!!!!! I loved this and totally get what you mean about a special type of partner it’s kinda why all the guys just get along they know the struggle. Also not cool exposing my rose eating 😂😂😂 but I forgive you! I’m totally on the same high as you right about blogging in general! Xxx

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