I’m part of a family with members who each have marvelous testimonies, and as much as it is theirs to share or not, I ask them to trust me in writing their uncomfortable truths and publish it over here to inspire, encourage and testify to the goodness of our Father.

I shared with you guys about that time I witnessed a miracle – Judy’s struggle with stage 3 eczema. What I didn’t tell you is that she also endured years of extreme pain and discomfort, having had more than 4 laparoscopies done before she even finished high school, and removing ovarian cysts and living with endometriosis.

“I’ve been living with constant pain for 12 years now. Many days it was too unbearable. I couldn’t walk up straight as the pain bends me forward and leaves me lying in the foetal position for hours on end. I’ve seen different doctors who have, in their professional opinion, told me that due to the severity of my condition I am most likely infertile/unable to conceive and have a child. So ever since my early teen years I have been considering having a hysterectomy. The pain was really THAT unbearable.

So, during the 12th  year of my suffering, God said YES. Unplanned but nothing less of a blessing. I found out I was pregnant. Shocked … Yes! Scared…Yes! But I praise God for this beautiful gift, honored that He had found me worthy of being a mother. ”

After she broke the news to my parents and they were done being disappointed because she is indeed unmarried (and should have learnt from my fornication), our home was filled with insurmountable joy upon learning that we are going to have a baby boy! Finally the gender scale would be tipped in my dad’s favour.

The happiness and great expectations for our little bambino was soon threatened by a scan showing abnormalities and a C-curvature in our boy’s underdeveloped spine. My sister was then advised by a specialist to medically abort the pregnancy. A second and third opinion confirmed and suggested the same.

We were shook!

Our house was quiet! Our home is never quiet.

I could spiritually hear the “why’s” that was screamed in silence from my sister’s aching heart. It woke me in the night.

We had so many questions. What is this Neuromuscular Scoliosis? Why is it happening? And why to us?

A few weeks before receiving baby Yadah’s diagnosis, Cum Books had a few interesting reads delivered to me. Amongst the goodies was a book titled “Be the Hands and Feet” written by Nick Vujicic.  Those of you who know me intimately can testify to the fact that Ruth-Mandy does not believe in coincidences. I believe God prepared my heart with this book.

Nick mentions the fact that he doesn’t know the answers. WOW! Here I was expecting a few answers from a man who is an international speaker and New York Times best-selling author but alas, this man tells us that we’ll have all the answers when we get to heaven one day! I appreciated his honesty so much. How many people pretend to have/know the answers? They mislead people, giving them false hope. Instead, Nick shares some really tough questions and encourages us to seek the truth.  

We were going through a really tough time as a family. Intense struggles, and this was the thing that was suppose to break us. I honestly don’t know how we pulled through! Okay, I do know – Jesus is the answer.

Nick, the limbless husband and father of two beautiful boys, wrote a lot of encouraging things over the pages but there was one specific thing that brought comfort to my distressed soul:

If God does not change your circumstances, He changes your heart.

I told my sissy as “encouragement” that there’s still four months left for God to perform a miracle. We shall believe the report of the Lord. Yadah is still being knit together in her womb as we speak.

Then she went for her next check up …   and guess what??

Nothing changed! Child’s spine is still very much bent.


In the next few weeks I will be blessing your timelines with frequent updates of my nephew. 


…the story is still being written by the author and finisher of our faith!


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2 thoughts on “Bent Not Broken | Scoliosis”

  1. Julle Abercrombies maak my hart warm. You embrace life and God’s presence in the good and bad…regardless. You live life through and with your hearts. You teach without knowing it. I am in awe. Mwah!

  2. Beautiful, heartwarming story, cant wait to hear the rest of it. I am keeping your sister and baby Yadah in my prayers.

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