Those of you who follow me on Instagram would have spotted me in a bright yellow dress on a recent girls night out with one of my besties. Miss Meyers invited me to Father House’s annual ladies event called Flourish. This years theme was ‘GLOW’, and maaaahn was I dressed for the occasion. I was literally twinning with the decor.

I loved that we got to attend the event at absolutely no cost. Instead, they asked attendees to donate body hygiene products, which they handed over to Revive after they packaged it into hundreds of rape care kits.

It was a beautiful evening spent in a beautiful setting with so many beautiful women. Okay, I’m sure you get the picture! I bumped into girlfriends I haven’t seen in ages and also met a few cyber friends in real life. I went there directly after work but the food stalls and Seattle coffee got me covered. Just a pity I got there too late and couldn’t get my nails did!


Anyways, enough about the shallow stuff and over to what really matters …

The message.

The message was brought by the ladies ministry leader. WOW guys! This woman with her red tresses was showing us flames (for the lack of a better word, coz now I’m kinda contradicting her message, but read on and you’ll understand)

I decided to share the sermon notes I took down over here …yeah I’m old school like that. I’m sure it will bless your heart and encourage you to let your light shine and emit warmth to a cold and dark world!

Glow: to give a steady light, brightness and warmth without a flame.

Scripture Reading was found in John 12:36

“Put your trust in the light while you have it, so that you may become sons of light.” when He had finished speaking, Jesus left and hid himself from them.


GET – How do we get steady?

To be steady means to be in balance. Firmly fixed. Not Shaking. Your input = output. Having all our ducks in a row, you know!

Women are naturally wired to give out more than they put in and that causes unsteadiness/unbalance. It’s easily fixed though. Elevate your input! The number one fix is time spent with Jesus. We see in the scripture above that Jesus seeked solitude after performing miracles and Luke 5:16 speaks of the lonely (out of the way) place. It is in the secret place where you take time to talk to God, where He steadies you, where He silences insecurities, and gives rest to your tired bones.

DO NOT let your output exceed your input. It does great damage. Learn to pause.


SET – How do we remain steady?

Once we are balanced, how do we stay there? What to do to stay stable when circumstances try to knock you off balance:

  1. Cry Out! Be honest. Psalm 142:1
  2. Ask God for help, seek direction, acknowledge that you cannot do things by yourself and that you need him. Psalm 143:7
  3. Praise. Psalm 144. Praise produces stability. It stabilizes you in the midst of the storm. Praise declares how good and how very capable God is.


GLOW – Give light without a flame?

The thing about flames are that it needs to be fed. And by feeding it, it becomes bigger and destructive. What flames are you feeding today? Stop feeding comparison, stop feeding your insecurities, etc. Phil 4:8-9. Reflect and think about your input and output, then Glow baby girl. GLOW!


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