It’s so much easier sharing your testimony when you’ve been a victim of whatever circumstance. You know you’ve got the people on your side, showering you with pity, heartfelt advice and biblical encouragement. Coz who doesn’t love ‘a victim becoming a victor’ story?

Not so much can be said of the opposite, when you’ve been the one to do the hurting, cheating, abusing, etc, now can there? No one around to advise you on how to heal the hurts you have caused. Not many willing to walk this road with you.

Pursuing your purpose is hard all by itself, but when your past failures and mistakes haunts it, it becomes much more gruelling, and Brenton Goldman can testify to this …

I had to deal with people walking out on my sermons, and refusing to worship when I’m leading. It seemed to me like the Church has more grace/compassion for a sinner than for a righteous man who has fallen” he said while sharing his heart with me.

The singer/songerwriter, who is pastoring at an assembly in Port Elizabeth, had his fair share of stones thrown at him after he confessed to his wife about an affair he’s been having. During this time he was flourishing in his ministry, celebrating so many public victories. Meanwhile, privately his life was falling apart. The undercurrent of infidelity not only took its toll on his ministry but on his family bonds too.

Even after a few years of counselling and making attempts to work on and save their marriage, it unfortunately ended in the divorce court. Trust was, in this case, beyond repair as insecurities he created had him paying for it most days.

It’s not easy facing the consequences of your wrongdoing but how you come back says much about your character. Shying away and isolating yourself after bringing shame upon your family name and the body of Christ was an option, but it’s clear that Apostle Neville Goldman didn’t raise no coward. Brenton faced the music and paid his dues. He did however choose to leave Ebenezer Ministries in an effort to preserve his relationship with his family. He felt that he didn’t want to place his dad in a position where he would be questioned in his role as Apostle and a father. Besides that, he wasn’t able to grow and function in an environment of suspicion and accusations.

I admire the fact that he has absolutely no desire to justify his actions and instead of living a desolate life, he chose to embark on a journey of restoration. He is now, more than ever, devoted to his four beautiful daughters, his ministry and Jesus Christ, pursuing his purpose steadfastly with such zeal. The aura of happiness that he radiates now can only be of God – there is literally no room for self-loathing!

In November 2016 Pastor Hyron Roberts reached out to Brenton, he accepted the call to Agape Ministries and has since been advancing in the Kingdom of God. Tomorrow is the release date for his much anticipated single, Fall Afresh, which will be available on iTunes and Google Play.

The title of the song is based on his desire to see the Acts 2 movement in action, for the Holy Spirit to fall afresh on this generation.

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  1. I’m just looking forward to reading your book Brenton. We all need to be inspired by your ” l messed up, but God……” life story. It reminds me of great men of God who’ve against all odds done greats exploits for the Kingdom. “Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy.” You are blessed.

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