I’ve been doing the things that make the people to be zen. But not me, nope. I’m doing it purely for the physical benefits 😉

I’m a sloucher. Always have been, until I decided to not be one anymore. Bad posture really took its toll on my back. Laz occasionally gives me those back cracks he and his rugby mates do, but whenever he’s not around and I experience some discomfort I resort to doing stretches. Turns out I’ve been doing yoga back bends all along.

I attended my very first yoga class when I was invited by Purple Monkey Media to cover their FitFest event. We did different poses, focused on our form and took deep breaths (INHALING AND EXHALING THROUGH THE NOSE) while keeping a strong core. This seemed like the perfect form of exercise for me at the time, but I was afraid to send greetings and salutations to the sun.

So, I consulted with my spiritual leader. Wow, this sounds hectic. Let me rephrase- I spoke to my dad about the spiritual aspects of this practice and we exchanged our views. Sorry (not) to all the religious people I gave mini heart attacks to, for thinking that I am now worshipping creation instead of the Creator and swimming naked in the ocean (although I’d like to try the latter).


I followed a few hashtags on IG and loved the idea of outdoor yoga, and that has been my thing from the get go. I knew I’ve gained some strength when I was able to keep my poses for longer. I haven’t lost a single gram since I started doing yoga, but I’m so much more appreciative of my body and what it is able to do.

Do stop by over here on Fridays where I’ll be sharing a few poses and its benefits for the duration of this month … and remember to take deep breaths!

Shalom x


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2 thoughts on “Woosah …your uptight religious ass”

  1. I enjoyed your post.

    I attended an event last week where I took part in a yoga class. Being a christian myself, I doidn’t see it as anything other than exercise. Looking forward to doing more of it.

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