Guess I’m a little too late for that mandatory New Year’s blog post where we share highlights of the year that was and our goals/resolutions for the new year.

It’s not that I haven’t been reflecting. I’ve been doing plenty of that. I just couldn’t find the time to sit down and write. So I wrote bits and pieces on the notepad of my phone whenever I could find some alone time, which is close to impossible when you’re part of such a big family. Being a liker of things, not wanting to miss out on the festivities also didn’t help the situation. Plus, if I were to be blogging, who would be Omunye Phez’komunye-ing?

I spent the last few weeks recovering from a hecticly fun-filled holiday. I am tanned and tired, and my heart is so very full.

A few days before Christmas I got a drop in the mail from Cum Books. They gifted me with the prettiest notebook I have ever seen. I was eager to start writing but couldn’t get myself to tear off the plastic.  I packed it in my bag when I left for the Karoo (coz Graaff Reinet is good for my writing, always hella inspired when I’m in that place) and from there it went with me to the City of Gold … and all the way back to the coast without any ink stains.

I literally felt unworthy of writing my thoughts, poems and blog ideas on its pages. It really is THAT pretty.

I was terrified just by the thought of making a mistake in it. The pages were too empty.

Sometimes we wish for a clean slate. A fresh start. A blank page. But as much as newness excites us, it also petrifies! Or is it just me? Turns out that I wasn’t the only one having these feels. A beautiful cyber friend of mine bought the exact same journal and is using it to plan her wedding. However, she first writes her notes on a piece of paper and then copies it into the book. It’s fine, laugh at us. Go ahead!

I already decided that I wasn’t going to share my 2018 goals with anybody, except of course with the one who is the Clyde to my Bonnie. Then my dad preached on Joseph, encouraging us to pursue our dreams, also warning us about the fact that God-inspired dreams will offend the enemy, and even your “brothers” will plot against you.

I had this idea of doing a vision board where I scrapbook all my dreams, but because I’m uncertain of where I’ll be moving to this year, I resorted to using this book to scrap my monthly goals.

There’s just this THING about writing things down, you know? It makes it real, and kinda holds a person accountable. Doing this, I have found that visualizing the dream really does help on days when you feel just a lil’ defeated and uninspired!

Try it out and tag me in your vision boards using #PursuingPurposeVB2K18



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