… at least that is what I think!

We have three absolutely gorgeous Staffordshire bull terriers. I mean, look at them!

And no, they are not brown-black or striped or dirty brown. it’s called “brindle”. You get them in all breeds.

We get insane amounts of attention when walking our dogs. People stop, stare and ask if we breed. White kids run to them and coloured kids run away from them – this is not me generalizing, simply sharing my experience.

Luckily, the kid ran up to Ty – his name is Tygar, for obvious reasons.  I’m saying “luckily” coz had it been Khaleesi there would have been possible legal implications arising from the situation.

And this is how I came to my conclusion of  “it’s not how you raise them”.

We raised them all the same. Same discipline, same rules and same love, but Ty is sociable and Khaleesi not so much. It’s always been like this, even before she had pups. It’s more than just a personality trait, it is simple aggression. This obviously makes her more of a guard dog than Ty.

Guys, Ty is lowkey my spirit animal. He’s a lover, not a fighter. Just dont mess with his food 😉

Jaz loves playing outside, climbing trees and rollerblading, and she can’t do this without being interrupted by the brindle beasts. She has been run over by them, jumped upon, scratched and recently we had a little mock biting by the newest member. He is so naughty this dog, Weiley (coz he looks like a rottweiler)

We allow child to play with the dogs, but always supervised. There’s just something about girls who grow up with big dogs… it’s as if they are grooming us in some sort of kickass way. You should see her giving them an instruction. We have taught her simples rules like not disturbing them when they eat, not pulling their ears or tails and not to ride on their backs. Oviously we trust that they won’t attack her or any of the family members, also we are aware of them and made her aware of the fact that they are animals with instincts.

We often read about dog attacks. The story gets extra coverage by the media whenever it’s a pitbull. Of course I jump to the dogs’ defense, but these three made me realise how flawed my opinion and arguments were!

It’s up to the dog owners to ensure that security measures are in place and only have as many dogs they can handle, feed and give attention to. Also, consider the space and take them for regular walks to drain their energy. Lastly, pretty pineapple please, do not overbreed!!



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One thought on “It’s NOT how you raise them”

  1. Bitches are definitely more aggressive. Sparrow becomes more and more of a nightmare as she ages. She is a crossbreed (maltese/border collie) so aggression shouldn’t be a thing…but it is. She’s generally sweet but because Daddy abd Gran spoils she’s a bit of a princess and demands things to be her way. I think we sometimes forget that, like us, our pups have personalities all their own.

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