When your whole team is winning and you find yourself by the sidelines cheering them on. That is me right now.

My squad is made up of an 8 year old 2nd Grader who just made the EP team and will be participating in the SA Junior Chess Championships soon. Also, the same little human is travelling to Cape Town this week to compete in the KykNet “Sing in Harmonie” school choir competition and will be on national TV the 3rd of Dec at 16H00. But that’s not all. She also received awards for academic achievements in English Home Language and Mathematics.

Okay, you may clap hands now!

The BCom student boyfriend has also been making waves, giving motivational speeches, scooping a M&G Top 200 Young South African Leaders title and successfully launching his NPO.

My people are out here living their best lives! And me? Oh well, I’m just over here.

No, this is not a pity post! I must admit that I had those “when will things happen for me?”moments, one too many times.

Laz asked me a while ago if there is anyone I’m jealous of coz he’s never seen me envious of others’ achievements or possessions. For this, I have my mom and my Sunday school teacher’s relationship to thank. I have learnt so much from observing their relationship.

Whenever we would visit aunty Doreen, she and my mom would catch up on what is going on in their lives, then they would dish out what’s going on in their children’s lives … in our presence, mind you. Then my favourite part is when they start bragging about what they have achieved or bought. They then disappear into the room showing off whatever it is that needs to be shown off. This is of course accompanied by screams of laughter and tears. The way they genuinely celebrate each other is something so beautiful to watch. They’d share the plans they have and the dreams that they’d want to see realised, and when one does something very extravagant the other would say “my turn is coming!” Their desire to flourish together is something very special.

This kind of relationship is rare these days as we live in a time where “people want to see you do good, but not better than them”. I am blessed to have friends who has given me the privilege of experiencing a fraction of the relationship my mom and aunty Dor shares. I have this photographer/blogger friend who regularly signs up for online courses, and then forwards the course material to me with a note saying “I thought you’d be interested in this”, sharing her wealth of knowledge and skills even though we are kinda/almost in the same industry.  Another friend of mine shares my blog posts religiously. We discuss our dreams and sometimes I deplete her data with my job hunting or her airtime with all my talking. She inspires me to do better by the way she believes in me, actively taking steps to help me reach my goals.  Also, another friend takes a keen interest in my daughter’s education and extra mural-activities, contributing and pitching up at her games.

Today, I want to tell the person who is kinda feeling the way I am at the moment – your turn is coming! And in the words of the very wise miss Dunn “Maybe this is your season of cheering for others”.

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5 thoughts on “SQUAD GOALS”

  1. Continue doing what you are doing for others. You surely will reap a harvest. The support you give to all will return to you when it is your time, and you surely will need it, because next year is going to be the year you break ground.
    Enjoy the “break” God is giving you. You have a front row seat to witness all the great things your loved ones are achieving, that’s not something you would want to miss out on.

    God met U.

    1. Oh my word, thank u… thank u so much for allowing God to use u, u have no idea how I needed to hear that ❤ Also, warm welcome to my online crib hope to see u around here often. PS: I know ur hubby, we went to the same school and played Volley Ball together!

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