I have been suffering from bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome

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At first I'd notice how extremely numb my #hands and arms were at night when I #texted. There were times when the #pain woke me and when I would want to go pee in the wee hours, I wouldnt be able lift my body from the bed… sidenot: Im a tummy sleeper who tucks her hands under her pillow. So I thought, I might be cutting my blood circulation off. (Funny coz iv been sleeping like this ever since I can remember) One morning I woke up,showered and got dressed for work…I couldnt #button up my shirt 😒 I was more #annoyed then worried. I broke a whole set of my mothers crockery, a filter coffee contraption at work and boyfriend's mother also had a few broken dishes as evidence of my every visit. I couldn't explain the #weakness in my hands, I would try my hardest to form a fist, use every effort and but dololo 🤔 My hands are very sensitive to cold, its turns blue and goes numb but what worried me was when my hands were visibly burning in hot water but I had no #sensation. I downplayed my #Bilateral #CarpalTunnelSyndrome alot to not be a burden to others. Having to ask my ridiculously hot 😍 and very #muscular💪 #boyfriend to open a bottle etc is sexy and was included in the unspoken terms and conditions of our relationship but to ask my 7year old daughter to do it for me is not ayoba. I blogged alot less, #typing goes with #extreme pain, I thought this #CTS to be a diversion, a tactic from the enemy to hold back #TruthUnfiltered the compilation of #blogPosts by www.ruthabercrombie.co.za 😔 Anyways, ill be going for my #Release #Surgery nxt week so I'll be MIA from my #website but not over here 🎈 #orthopaedic #MedianNerve #Entrapment

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… and finally had release surgery done.

My GP referred me to a plastic surgeon at Greenacres Hospital and I literally asked him “Wait, what?” I was expecting an orthopaedic surgeon coz, duh – I have had 2 prior ganglion extractions done and knew what kind of doctor I needed to get this job done.  He assured me that this guy knows his stuff, so I agreed to meet with him.

I immediately hopped onto Google and searched “Dr Konrad Hoekstra”, expecting to see boobs, lots and lots of boobs, reductions, implants, injected lips and perfect noses. Instead, I was shook by the results that came up. He did a “toe to thumb” transplant a few years ago on a patient who was involved in a turbine accident. Check it out for yourself. How cool is that?! Connecting nerves and muscles and patching up skin!

Going there I knew I was gonna have to put up a fight with my medical aid. His secretary did all the work and sent through ICD 10 codes and a motivation explaining that it’s not cosmetic surgery. They approved it and the surgery was scheduled for the following week. We decided to do the big operation first – the carpal tunnel surgery, and yet another ganglion extraction.

The morning of the operation I was excited and nervous as hell, wanting it to be over already. The nurses on duty were young and very friendly. They set me up with clothes and showed me to my room to do those pre-surgery observations.

Boyfriend left and I was pushed into theater …

Cold. I was really cold. The anaesthetist introduced himself and we talked for a little while my doctor got ready. The nurse came and prep’ed my hand, and I smiled. I couldn’t feel jack coz I was freezing. She smiled back. I couldn’t see it under the mask but her eyes and wrinkles told me that she was. I told her I was excited and joked about how this job is a waste of time for a plastic surgeon. She laughed and said she’d try and convince him to give me some boobs while he is at it. I looked at my pancakes and laughed out loud.

I was put to sleep.

I woke up a few hours later to absolutely no pain. None! But I just underwent two operations, so I HAD to complain about something, right? I started crying, demanding to know why my throat was so damn sore and my lips sticky! Was it really necessary to shove a pipe down my throat??

I told them I was thirsty, so they brought me water. I cried coz I wanted coffee.  Luckily for them I didn’t have to stay in hospital for too long.

I asked for the curtain to be kept closed coz by this time the room was full and all the beds were occupied. I eavesdropped on the conversations. There was a lady who was having a skin graft coz she tried to break up a dog fight, when one of them turned on her and devoured her leg. Another lady was about to have a breast implantation done coz she lost her’s to cancer. There were a few other cases, the next more sensitive and severe than the other.

Judging from their conversations, it seemed like they had so much faith in this doctor to fix them up, and they were all willing to pay big bucks. Having reconstructive work done is costly!

This had me thinking about the greatest physician to ever walk the Earth. The one who made the blind to see, the lame to walk and who replaced heart of stones with hearts of flesh. What are we willing to do to have Him reconstruct us? When last did we consult with Him to see what needs to be removed, and asked Him to cut away whatever is stunting our growth?

Do we invest as much in our spiritual well-being as we do with our physical health?

Sometimes life happens and situations may take something valuable away from us – like the cancer did.

Or we go through bad things whilst having the best intentions and those things leave us hurting, bleeding and vulnerable – like the dog attack did.

Other times the pressure is just so much that we can’t handle it and it causes numbness and dysfunction in our lives – like the carpal tunnel did.

The good news is: You don’t need no medical aid to consult with Him!

The consultation, operation and recovery has been a breeze. Thank you for the well wishes received. I appreciate your prayers.

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  1. The lump in my throat Ruthie, thank you for sharing your journey with us. Such a beautiful encouragement and reminder of how rich we are!
    Loads of love and hugs your way


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