Normally I wake up on a Saturday morning and get into a pair of jeans and whatever is appropriate for the activities or visits I have planned for the day, but Saturday the 26th of August 2017 was a bit different … it required a yoga mat, running shoes and a tight! If you live in or around the Nelson Mandela Bay area you might have seen an ad or heard about the Fit Fest that was organized by Purple Media Monkey PE.
As I drove through the Baakens Valley, Google Maps told me “You have arrived at your destination” but it was obvious that I haven’t, until I went around the bend and was greeted by pink and white balloons. Only then I knew I was at the right place.The balloons led you through the passage until you’d be welcomed by the absolutely beautiful Purple Monkey Media PE members at Chicky’s Yard.


The morning was filled with express workouts like yoga, self-defense and zumba, presented by the Bay’s finest experts in their fields. In between the breaks we enjoyed each other’s company and indulged in some of the healthy treats the pop-up restaurants and food trucks had to offer. I had the Cinnaberry Smoothie from Chia, which was an overall fav as I saw many leaving the truck with the same. Viva Gym, one of the prize sponsors, also had an info booth and were handing out freebies to repair the damage winter had done to our lips.

I was shook to my core when I learned that Purple Monkey Media PE is in fact a factious Public Relations Company which was established in March 2017 by 5 young NMU students as part of their final year project. They went all out – from having a logo and registering an email address and social media profiles, to getting sponsors and pulling off the very first and, may I add, very fabulous Fit Fest in the Bay!

As the title very clearly explains, the event was held in aid of the Groom a Girl initiative, so all the proceeds made from ticket sales went to them. They are a registered NPO that was founded by Nakita De Souza on 26 of August 2016. Their aim is to provide assistance to young girls between the ages of 13-18 years who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Groom a Girl provides these girls with basic necessities they require such as sanitary pads and hygiene supplies, and mentoring and nurturing. In addition, they invest their time to groom each girl individually to ensure that they become empowered young women.
Groom A Girl’s greatest struggle is to finance their projects, so if this is something you’d be interested in getting involved in or making a donation to, feel free to contact Nakita at 078 479 4473 or email them at
Banking Details
First National Bank
Groom a Girl initiative
Account no : 62626845393

The prayer of my heart is that the empowerment and support from woman to woman would go far and beyond just Women’s Month!

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