So last week was quite hectic for me, going live with my new website, organizing giveaways and offers from kind people who wants to help me tick stuff off my bucket list, how cool is that?

Speaking about Bucket Lists, I got tagged by Leolynn who blogs over at Long Way Around, challenging me to do what is called a Reversed Bucket List. This required me to have a sit down and think about what I’ve been up to and what I have achieved. (Ek lieg n vlieg dood… I was really just scrolling through my Instagram coz I post everything over there)

Here are some of the highlights of things I didn’t really plan on doing, but kinda just happened.



No, not just public speaking… there are other things I’m terrified of , like confined spaces, being tickled and losing all my hair. Also, I am Acrophobic but hiked Table Mountain non the less. Joshua 1:9 is to blame for this and gives me that Simba – I laugh in the face of danger- kinda vibe, so 601 days ago I decided to shave my head and grow it out naturally. The journey was scarily exuberating, both being bald and being natural!



I always wanted to do this, and figured that the language I would learn was obviously going to be isiXhosa for demographic reasons. It never in a million years crossed my mind that I’d be learning South African Sign Language. But then I met this annoyingly awesome deaf guy who is now my boyfriend. We started a campaign and then, together with family and his childhood bestie, co-founded a NPO (read about that HERE



This was totally unplanned. My sissy and I went to the circus and during interval they had a meet and greet with an Albino and African Rock python and of course we couldn’t resist.



I have the privilege of living in the surfing mecca known as Jeffreys Bay.  A year or so ago I won surfing lessons but soon realized that the only surfing I’m good at, is surfing the internet. Super glad I tried though!

My body is so sore but theres no way im missing out on this 🌊 #Surf #JBay #Home #PlekVanDrome #RipCurl

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My blog was recently announced as the Second Runner Up in the South African Blog Awards in the Best Spirituality category. I’m still feeling pretty chuffed about that. Also, South Africa’s leading Christian art distributors (CUM BOOKS) approached me to review some of their products, mostly books and CD’s.  My blog has also landed me a monthly feature on a local radio station.



Many of you do not know that I completed a Nail Technician course in gel application. It’s something I was always interested in and absolutely love giving and getting pretty mani’s and pedi’s.

And so it was expected of me to do a classic french gel overlay free hand 😋 and i nailed it!! #NailTech #TheSecondHustle #Creative

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I am a Level 1-  First Aider and Fire Fighter, thanks to my employer who sent me on these courses.



I really need someone to tell me that wanting to taste all the coffee in the world is an ohkay-ish thing to want.

Even though these are not big achievements, it’s just wonderful experiences I had and some things that (according to me) are celebrate-worthy! While typing this up I realized that most of these wasn’t even paid for from my own pocket! Like getting my drivers license and snorkeling. I also decided to draw the line right here because I’m very creative and can turn a walk on the beach or just the fact that we woke up this morning into a very interesting story and make a reverse bucket list item out of.

I would like to tag fellow blogger Cindy from Cindy’s View in the Reverse Bucket List Challenge x



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