Chill, I won’t torture you like that. I’m funny as hell in real life but I know my jokes are lame.

Sidenote: I had an intense urge to shout “agter om!”

I’m glad you are finally here (virtual hug). I take great pleasure in welcoming you to my humble online abode and hope you will enjoy your visit. Those of you who have been journeying with me, I just want to take a minute to acknowledge you as the real MVPs. Thank you so much. I appreciate you, especially the Vodacom users coz I know how expensive data is and having you spend megabytes on me makes me feel real special.

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A whole lot has been going down and I have SO much to share! I promise to not overwhelm you and want you to know that as I’m typing this I’m also fighting the urge to overshare. Which is very difficult for a person who suffers from verbal diarrhea.  

I want to make use of this opportunity to remind everybody that this is a no hate zone and I need you to respect the fact that I allow you into my awesome bubble. Please familiarize yourself with my disclaimer and copywrite notice.

So by the by, I have decided to follow Mark Twain’s advice for a change. I published this website even though it’s not 100% the way I want it, YET. It’s still a work in progress but I came to the realization that continuous improvement REALLY IS BETTER than delayed perfection.




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