I haven’t been posting for a month and never have I ever written a music review, so there will be no music jargon, and please don’t expect me to be elaborating on rhythmic intensity and the contrast in mood as we move from track to track. However, I have lots of appreciation for music and really hope this does the artist justice … coz not only is he a Grammy Awards nominee, but also a son of the soil. Yes! You guessed it.  I’m talking about Neville D, the triple threat from the Mother City. He is a talented song writer, skilled musician and a dope vocalist too. If you follow him on IG you’d know that he is a part-time comedian/meme-ist and a devout family man!

I recently received his latest album, BOD3 Collective, and was blessed out of my socks! Seeing that my CD-Rom is faulty and the Abercrombie’s do not own a CD Player, I asked the head of the clan if I could listen to this new CD I got and it went down like this …

The name “Beauty of Difference” is oh so very fitting. See, we are a family of 5 with ages ranging from 7 to 57 years with unique music tastes, and each of us found a song that we liked, with “Our God is Bigger” being a total hit and also declared our road trip anthem. BTW, you can vote for this track on the UK Christian Charts HERE. Let’s help him make waves people!!

In track no.8 Mr. Diedericks decided to put question marks in my head. He asks questions which I believe comes from an honest place of being in total AWE of our Maker – WHAT KIND OF LOVE IS THIS? WHO CAN LOVE LIKE THIS? Overwhelmed isn’t even the word, dumbfounded doesn’t even begin to express all the feels. Man, am I grateful for His love! To think there is nothing, absolutely nothing “I can confess that will make Him love me less”.

I listened to this song many times. Over and over in order to grasp the meaning behind these simple words being communicated to me in such a mellow tone.

I came to realize that just as there is nothing we can do/say that will make Him love us less, there is also nothing we can do to earn it! (insert snaps here) It boggles my mind how He loves us without conditions, how there is no human effort required from us that will determine whether we are deserving of his Love,  whether we qualify for Grace or Salvation. IT IS A GIFT!

Ephesians 2:8-9

For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— not by works, so that no one can boast.

But here I am, taking all this for granted, sometimes forgetting about Sanctification … because Love, because Salvation, because Amazing Grace will come to my rescue!  This kind of thinking is dangerous.  Here is where our efforts come in.  Anyways, let me not preach to you with my Sunday School knowledge.

While watching the DVD I noticed how Neville D was slaying in every dimension – not just the spiritual … this guy was wearing a waistcoat-hoodie! While we’re talking about levels of slayage, can we please address the quality of this CD as well as the stage presence?! 10 out of 10! I honestly can’t wait to see him live!! Also, it would be a huge injustice if I fail to give props to the guest artists, the band and singers.

If you happen to have BOD3 Collective, please let me know what your favourite track is,  in a comment below. If you don’t have it, I feel for you. The good news is that you can get yours at a CUM Books store near you!

People on their way to get my new album #BODS3 #TheCollective. Do have yours yet? #AManCanDream 😂 #SupportLocal #BeautyOfDifference now available on iTunes and at Cumbooks.

Posted by neville d on Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Neville D will be live in Uitenhage on the 4th of June 2017.  For more details and to keep tabs on him and his whereabouts, give him a thumbs-up on Facebook and a follow on Instagram.


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3 thoughts on “Nothing I confess will make Him love me less.”

  1. Favourite Track:

    Track 6 – Neville D and Elwira Standili.
    How awesome is our God.

    I can listen to that song on repeat every single day and still not get enough.
    This man of God is so gifted and he’s got dope skill when it comes to song writing…

    In actual fact the whole CD is good but that’s my favorite☺☺☺☺☺☺

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