I really wanted to do a post on John 3 v 16 seeing that we are celebrating the Passover weekend, and how the Cross is a symbol of Love more than anything else. Then I also wanted to do this book review that I just can’t seem to get published over here. With every few words I type I find myself tapping on the backspace button a little harder than I should. I just couldn’t seem to find the dopeness in either of these articles!

So I abort the mission, switched off my laptop and decided to use the time to wrap gifts coz …


Can you tell how excited I am? My colleagues sure knows, because it’s all I’ve been talking about.

At the beginning of this year I made a vow to not do my nails at my sister’s salon anymore coz I figured I could do DIY home mani’s and use the money to pay for Jazzy’s chess tournament registration fees or for sandboarding or whatever. But then yesterday I thought to myself “Ruth-Mandy, you are going to your friends’ wedding. You can’t be catching no bouquet with such raggedy nails.” So I went and got my nails did.

Do I really want to catch the bouquet? HELL NO! I’m afraid, very afraid of marriage even though I believe this to be the most beautiful commitment and a union instituted by God. But experience and divorce statistics tarnished the fairytale vision I had.

I remember back in high school when my Afrikaans teacher had us writing down our life goals. I didn’t know what I wanted to do professionally but next to point no.1 was “Be the best wife”. Mrs. Mohamed can testify! I didn’t know what I wanted for my life but I knew I wanted to be somebody’s wife! (more about the last two paragraphs in a later post, I promise.)

Weddings are nice. Expensive … but very nice. Such a pity that it only lasts for a day, where as Marriage is work … every day after that. Marriage is giving and doing. Building, protecting and dying… dying to selfishness and pride. Serving in humility with submission being the posture of your heart.

In the book “You and me forever”, co-written by Francis & Lisa Chan, he writes a piece titled “LOVE LIKE A MAN”, where he elaborates on the tremendous task/instruction that has been given to husbands in Ephesians 5 verse 25 on HOW TO love their wives.  

“Husbands love your wives as Christ has loved the Church and gave Himself up for her”

He goes on by saying, and I quote, “Jesus did not sit in heaven talking about his feelings for you. His love went way beyond words. Jesus was all about action … all about sacrifice. He has been pursuing you aggressively!”  

I honestly know no greater love than the love of Jesus. Writing this made me appreciate being a woman, coz I really don’t want that kind of pressure on me. I came across a spoken word piece by Brent Rice that explains this Love so beautifully.


My wish for everybody reading this, is to realize that they too can experience a crucifixion type love. He did it for YOU… all you need to do is to accept!

Romano, dearest friend… you have made THE best decision ever! Thank you for loving my friend well. Thank you for setting the trend and making loyalty a thing again…you’re bringing sexy back, show them boys how they suppose to act… sorry  I got carried away, that song is inappropriate.  Hereby, I also publicly promise to not twerk at your wedding.


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