There’s nothing wrong with enjoying looking at the surface of the ocean itself, except that when you finally see what goes on underwater, you realize that you’ve been missing the whole point of the ocean. – Dave Barry

I love living close to the ocean. I love the smell of it when I walk out the door in the morning and I absolutely love listening to the waves crashing on quiet nights. I seldom let the opportunity to swim pass me by and even took up surfing 2 years ago. All these are nice things to do and to experience, but it keeps you at the shoreline.  

Not so long ago, I went snorkelling. That’s when this David Barry quote became real to me. I had the opportunity to see what the bottom of ocean looks like and the privilege to swim with fish. I can’t tell you how exactly, but my perception of the ocean has changed. These surface activities is no longer “enough” for me. I want to see more .. enjoy more. So, the obvious next step would be scuba diving … right?  

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While looking at the photographs accompanying this post, my mind took me back to New Year’s Eve where I had the opportunity to be present when the Pastor of the assembly I visited did the vision-sharing for 2017: GOING DEEPER. He ministered on Ezekiel 47, addressing the different stages ie. ankle depth, knee depth etc up to the stage of total “submergery” (I know it’s submergence but my word just sounds so much better in that sentence).  And then I understood this new perspective that I have so much better. I have experienced depth and shoreline activities (shallow living) does not do it for me anymore. I know what it’s like to swim, so wetting my feet don’t satisfy me like it used to. This not only applies to my ocean experience but also to my Christian walk.

About my #NYE ?? walking into 2k17 like so ?#GoingDeeper ?

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And just like in the natural (back to the ocean), going deeper would cost me more. Scuba diving requires a short training course (that’s more time) and more equipment (that’s more money). So will the spiritual require more from you!

Also, it would be wrong of me to keep the nasty details to myself. When you go snorkelling the instructor will tell you to spit into your goggles and rub it all over the surface. This sounds silly but it prevents the goggles from fogging up and gives you clear vision, thus enabling you to enjoy your surroundings. So when God gives you some crazy instruction that doesn’t seem “normal” or makes no sense to you, know that He is doing it for your benefit!!

Anyway, for those of you who would like to experience what I’m talking about in this post, I did the snorkelling at Tsitiskamma National Park. The cost is R400.00 per person and it includes a wet-suit (should u wish to get one), the snorkel and goggles.


Happy Adventuring xo


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