I told you guys in a previous post that I have enrolled in a blogging course. I have learnt so much and can’t wait to apply all that knowledge to improve my blog.  Aside from doing this, I also attend local blogger meetups and workshops in the Bay to empower myself and stay up to date with the latest trends in the bloggersphere.

The last workshop I attended was the “Blogger meets Brand” presented by SABlogTribe. Topics ranged from branding, finding your niche, sponsored posts, to disclaimers and your blog being a business etc etc.  

I really don’t care for these things (the business side of blogging) coz I already know that no brand wants to be associated with my blog. I speak spirituality and I am open about my political affiliation, so there is no way that I can generate income from my blog and I’m totally cool with that. I really am not prepared to compromise my voice for a media drop. (I will however compromise it should they pay me enough to cover child’s school fees, hehehe). So why do I even attend these events you may ask. My blog buddies would tell you that this one, she’s only there for the food and goodie bags. Oh, and the fact that she  likes things. On a serious note, I go because I love meeting new people and learning from them too. Bloggers are interesting people, and magic happens when there is a room full of them.  

So while we were figuring out who fits into which category, we unfortunately couldn’t box my blog but we did however come to the conclusion that I blog for compliments!

Not really, but yeah… kinda!  Ruth Abercrombie- Pursuing Purpose is a labour of love from me to you. It is to a certain extent my ministry.  Read THIS if you want to know why I blog. Receiving a comment on my posts or a share from any of my readers gives me the greatest sense of purpose and fulfillment coz that must mean that in some way, what i had to say resonated with you or addressed an issue that you have been struggling with, or encouraged you in some way.  

Last month my baby  blog won an award. I was runner–up in the SA Blog Awards in the category Best Spirituality/Religious blog.  When I checked out my competition I almost had a mini heart attack. Go check them out and you’ll see. Anyways, this gave me the confidence boost that was much needed, coz sometimes it feels like I’m talking to myself over here. Never believe a blogger who says that “even if nobody reads they’d still be blogging”. That is lies and self deception on a higher grade. Lol, no really… some of us are cray and would honestly continue to blog even if our stats showed no visitors.  

With my Blog’s 2nd birthday coming up on the 5th of May 2017, a few changes will be made. I am so excited for this. I have finally found my voice in this saturated industry of blogging and will be deleting some of my earliest entries and will also be doing some throw back posts.

I absolutely love that I get to share my journey with you, I don’t take this platform for granted and appreciate everyone who takes the time to read. So hereby, I invite you to move into my new cyber space with me, YAY I got a new domain!!  

I’ll let you know when to drop by  😉

1 Cor 16:14

Let all that you do, be done in love.

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7 thoughts on “From Me to You…with Love”

  1. Awesome post Ruth, especially considering that everyone takes themselves WAY too seriously these days. I am VERY new to blogging and all of you continue to inspire me with your writing.
    Thanks, Claire

  2. Love the fact that u do this with so much passion…and enthusiasm!!
    This is your ministry and you very good at it:)

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