This passed weekend seriously needs a rewind button! Yes, it was THAT awesome!

I spent my Saturday morning with 80-something natural hair enthusiasts from the Bay and surrounding areas. It was an event I was looking forward to since I got invited… not just for the free goodie bag but also to meet the lovely  ladies who RSVP’d  “GOING” to the Curl Talk advertised on Facebook. I was counting down sleeps. For real!

What I liked about this event was the fact that it wasn’t just about curls, coz let’s face it – not all naturals are curly girls. We had 2A all the way to 4C Naturalistas filling up the Anthenaeum. It was packed! There were moms who came for their curly kids, wanting to know how to take better care of their kids’ hair. There were ladies who are in the process of transitioning and others who just had the big chop.

I saw some with finger coils, others with roller/flexirod curls, twist-outs, bantu knot- out and then my type – wash and go. There were glorious fro’s, and also us with the TWAs.



The host Shavon, who blogs over at  “Cupcakes Curls and Curves“, was pretty overwhelmed at the turn-up. I don’t think she expected such a big crowd but she and her team were extremely well prepared. The guest speakers were dope and I’m not just saying so coz I know them personally, ohkay. They were knowledgeable and passionate about the message they conveyed. We were such a fun crowd, soaking up all the info, making new friends and taking selfies. Lots and lots of selfies!

So for those who want to join the natural hair tribe but don’t know where to begin, here are some things to think about:

  • Decide:  How are you going to go about it? You have options – The Big Chop or Transitioning. Please Google that. I lack patience… I shaved my head.
  • Stop with all the LYEs, Creamy Crack and Sulphate Shampoos!  Trash all Chemicals!!
  • Ditch the Heat. Ceramics are not our friends!
  • Must Haves:  Wide-tooth comb. Satin sleep bonnet/pillow case.
  • Product: Your best friend is now Conditioner!! Deep Conditioner, Leave-in Conditioner.


For more information, tips and tricks please check out JustEllaBella’s YouTube Channel for Tutorials.

Over all, fun was had, advice was shared and bonds tighter than “panty-hose op kroes hare” were formed.

To be part of the next meet up or to stay updated and become one of our curlfriends, do give them a thumbs up on their FB page ‘CURL TALK‘, or follow them on IG.

Who Runs The World? CURLS!!




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