Just look at these beautiful views!! Can you see the pride in our stance? Can you see us glowing as we gloried in our victory?

Little do you know how many times I contemplated turning around or how we worked on each other’s nerves for the duration of the hike!

Table Mountain is definitely the most beautiful test of endurance ever!!

I have to admit (and give myself some minus points) that this expedition was planned very poorly. And then, even poorer choices were made on our way there. Our mistakes ranged from going at the wrong time, taking too little water, not putting on sunscreen lotion, hiking on an empty stomach, parking too far away and who knows what else.

We went hiking in extreme weather conditions. It was hotter than the chili poppers Laz and I had at Mojito’s. We took the Platte Klip hiking trail, a steep gorge up the centre of the mountain. It is located on the north facing slope with very little to no shade along the 2.5 hour climb.

There were times we felt extremely dehydrated! My water was finished first and I’d get frustrated when Laz would rinse his face…like dude I know it’s your water but I could have drunk that!!! He did share it with me though, but still… don’t do that! If you want to know if someone cares for you, take a hike with them up this mountain, but do it in 33 degrees. The truth shall be revealed!!

He got really annoyed with me asking him every few minutes if we are still doing this and if he’s sure he doesn’t want to turn around. I was secretly hoping he’d say yes! He looked me square in the eye and told me to stop asking him that, that we are doing this and we will get to the top. Then he also added that he sure as hell wont hike down, which was the original plan. (see I told you, poor planning).

Then he suggested that we set small goals (This was our saving grace). We’d look into the distance, identified a spot then when we got there, we would rest. Then all of a sudden it became much more enjoyable. I thank God for making me a people’s person! That too was our saving grace… coz I was the one who asked people if we could share their shade, and the one to ask a hiker for some water. But I was clever, I asked from a girl who was part of a hiking group. That way her friends could share with her. She gave us her purple Powerade. It was the best purple Powerade I ever had! Of course I asked with the promise of buying her a drink when we get to the top.

“ALMOST THERE”…two words I don’t want to hear for the next 6 months! These are the words we received from hikers coming down the mountain. Some said it as encouragement and it really did motivate us, others… you could hear the gloating in their voices. Either way… they were all lying coz there were 40 minutes of climbing still to be done!!


As soon as we reached the top of the mountain, the struggles of just a minute ago was completely forgotten! And all of a sudden I had this re-newed energy. I felt BADASS!!

It’s weird how one can distinguish between those who hiked up and those who took the cable, beside the obvious like… dress code, being sweaty and smelly. It’s in the way we walk… like I’ve worked for this!! I HAVE ARRIVED! 

Then I made the mistake most people do in life when they “get to the top”… they forget about those who helped them along the way! Yeah you guessed it, I had some repaying to take care off. After our victory snaps, Laz and I set out to look for the shop and buy this girl her Powerade… and so we settled our debt.

Will I do it again? NO. Maybe in a few years …under better circumstances. Was it worth it…YES!!



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4 thoughts on “Started from the bottom now we here!”

  1. I am laughing bcos it reminds me of my climb up Table Mountain 10years ago, like it was yesterday. Can you believe it, Clifton was my inspiration, the one who”pushed” me to continue for I as well felt like quitting lol. At one point I sat down and said call the helicopter rotfl. But the knowing that I finished my hike in scorching hot weather made me so proud of myself.

    1. I like that we can say I DID IT…with so much pride! The how is irrelevant now ? Its amazing how these kind of activities really makes a person see the truest version of ur partner!

  2. Love the honesty! I sincerely hope I will be able to do this lol… I’ve been wanting to for so long, reading this has confirmed all my suspicions, freaked me out and made me want to do it more lol! Beautiful shots! Xxx

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