When my plus one invited me on a road-trip to Cape Town, I was my forward self and put together an itinerary of “things we NEED to do”. He added his activities, we cut and pasted, rearranged, budgeted and finally came up with something we both agreed to. There is also just so many things you can do on one visit to the Mother City.

Laz and I are totally different, at the same time we have so much in common. I knew from the get go that our trip would be packed with fun and laughter, new experiences and somewhat educational, coz my boyfriend has an intellectual curiosity about him (that I absolutely love). What I did not expect was the lessons this trip would teach me and the realities that would slap me!

So Friday morning we rocked up at Groot Constantia, the oldest wine estate in South Africa. I really won’t bore you with all the historical facts and much of the finer details because that is what Wiki is there for.  We started off with having a mouth watering lunch at Jonkers Huis Bistro. I am not so adventurous in my eatery. I will however try new foods, but I mostly stick to what I know… especially when I’m hungry (as was the case here) coz I can’t be wasting time and money like that!!  

? coz she needs feeding! ?: @laz_maya #CapeTown

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After being fed, we went to the museum. Unfortunately there is no proof that we were there as visitors are not allowed to take photographs. As soon as we were out of sight, I encouraged Laz to take a picture of this specific room that had the most beautiful wooden furniture and a luxury bath and so many pretty things… but he refused. Boohoo!! He told me to take picture with my eyes and save it in my mind. Basically, have some respect for the museum woman!


When I was done being a bad influence and failed at being a good bad-influencer, (coz he wouldn’t do what I wanted him to do) we walked over to the tasting room. We were there for wine but it’s the art that got most of my attention. There is this one oil painting of an Ethiopian lady I couldn’t take my eyes off. If I had the cash I wouldn’t think twice paying that R28 000.

Did I mention how friendly the ladies at reception were? I just hated that they spoke English to us… robbing us of hearing that Kaapse Afrikaans!! Because my dearest boyfriend would fill out that he was indeed a visitor from America!! Meanwhile back at the ranch he is a ‘plaas boykie’. #smh while rolling my eyes. They gave us our glasses (which we could keep as a souvenir) and off we went to shock our taste buds.


Conditions for wine tasting were as neutral as possible. Meaning that there were no elements present that would affect our impressions of the wine, eg. the taste of the cow I had eaten 30 minutes prior is out of my mouth, there are also no strong odors that prevents the clear scent of the wine’s aroma. So we started. We got to select 5 wines from their list. Me, knowing nothing about wine just looked at what Laz was doing and followed his lead.

He looked, sniffed, swirled then took a sip. So I did the same. But then he commented on the taste and said something about it staying long on his palate, sounding all sophisticated and educated and all I could say was “yoh! Dus bleddie bitter”.

Then came the cellar tour. I was so impressed with our tour guide, Kyle. He is extremely knowledgeable and enjoys telling people about the history of Groot Constantia and the step by step process from growing grapes to bottling the wine.

All this wine talking and wine tasting had me thinking about Jesus’ first miracle in John 2: 1-11 back at that banquet. Wine takes years and years to mature, the process is long and quite labour intensive! Then along comes Jesus… instructs people to fill pots with water and voila, there you have it- the best tasting wine! Like, how amazing is He!?

For more photographs of the lovely Estate do have a look at their IG account HERE and make sure to add them to your itinerary when you plan your next visit to Cape Town.


Cheers, It’s almost wine o’clock!

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