For the past month my life was kinda like that dessert made with fruit, a layer of sponge cake soaked in sherry and topped with custard- very “deurmekaar” … both sweet and sour things happening all at the same time.

Before I disappeared from Facebook and the Bloggersphere, I promised to share lessons I have learnt in 2016, but then 2k16 pulled a surprise check-mate on me. She wasn’t done teaching me hard lessons. She pretty much ruined ‘James 1:2’ for me. I couldn’t count it all joy anymore. Last year had zero chill and too much disrespect! I know for a fact that I’m the happiest person on this and any other planet now that 2016 has finally come to an end.

Anyway, this is my attempt at tying loose ends.

2016 taught me how to mourn. As she made her exit she took so much with her, leaving behind mourning families and gloomy Christmas gatherings. Maybe this happens every year and only now I felt it coz it hit home … it stepped into my circle. That was the year I felt death like never before.  Two of the people I love most lost a person in their lives whom they loved most. I was privileged enough to be with both Laz and Rob during this time, but I must admit that I didn’t know the first thing on how to support them. I had no uplifting words of encouragement for either of them. My heart was breaking coz theirs were bleeding… and I couldn’t make it stop.

The thing is this, I think I don’t know how to mourn. I never stood by an open grave of someone whom I loved dearly.

Laz and I spent the early hours of the New Year sitting on the stoep reflecting on the year that has passed and sharing the hopes that we have for 2017 as we witnessed the first sunrise. Is it just me or is it way prettier in the Karoo?! Bold was close by and my heart was aching for him too, as Buttons had died the day before. Boyfriend then told me that I cry for dogs more than I do for people. It felt weird hearing that. I think it’s true though. Then he added “There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just something I’ve observed”. Just then I realized that I do know how to, I just do it differently than most people


There are so many other lessons but I hate doing long blog posts… high five if you’ve made it this far. To the ones who lost interest, that’s cool!  My writing is so rusty, I don’t blame you.

Then along came 2017… Yay! Can you tell that I’m super excited for this year?! I BELIEVE with my entire being that God has something good in store for me!! Like a blessing with my name on it!  I see how all the pessimists and realists are rolling their eyes at me, don’t hate guys!

This year don’t feel “official” as yet. Things will most probably change this week, as I’ll be back at the office and settle into a routine with Jaz, Church, work, fam, gym etc. FYI, I have set a few goals… very realistic if I may say so myself, and I’m super proud that I’m already winning at it. For me, it is more about personal development this year. You know that cultivating good relationships, growing your bank account, spend time meditating on God’s word, read the back of the chappies wrapper type goals. I just want to learn and grow… mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Basically, be a better me!


I am learning Sign Language every Tuesday & Thursday evening from 8-10pm, and it is going very well. I enjoy it so much, especially the facial expressions. It’s so funny watching myself in the mirror.  I have also enrolled in a 10 week course in Photography and Blogging which I attend on Saturdays, these are all online courses. (This is me hinting for my Dad to get us WIFI!! Yeah, my dad reads my blog)


If you follow me on IG you would have noticed #RuthRuns2017. My BMI is 28 and according to it, I need to weigh 65kg. So it turns out I’m 8kg overweight. The plan is to check into the gym atleast 5 times a week. At the moment I have no workout routine setup, but reserve Thursdays for swimming, that way Jaz can enjoy it with me.

First road trip with Laz is coming up real soon.  So Exploring  & Counting stars with boyfriend is getting a tick too. I’ve traveled all over ZA with the EP Volley Ball team but never really explored. How blessed am I to make new memories and go on little adventures with this awesome person whom I get to share my life with.

When making plans ensure that it is in line with the purpose for which our Heavenly Father has created you for… Else, you’re just wasting your time, energy and money.

Best wishes with all your personal goals, and resolutions… I trust that you will experience a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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