I have no words to accurately describe this year, but this picture does it very well.



This year was emotionally draining. You all know I’m a VERY emotional person, so to drain me of it would require a lot of hard work! Eish guys, 2016 had my number. Nc nc nc #smh …can we please just pause this post and observe a moment of silence.


It wasn’t all bad though…I had some blissful moments and met awesome people who really made a huge impact on my life. Made memories I would treasure forever and gained so much wisdom. So let me share a little of that wisdom with you in the next few posts, maybe it will come in handy for 2017.

2016 taught me, that…

Emotion is not your friend.

I’ve come to know this to be true. Emotional intelligence is a thing though. Learn you some.

“it is the capability of individuals to recognize their own, and other people’s emotions, to discriminate between different feelings and label them appropriately, to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior, and to manage and/or adjust emotions to adapt environments or achieve one’s goal(s)”

The best example I can think of right now, is told in the book of 1 Samuel chapter 25. When Nabal was offensively impolite towards David and Abigail had to go behind her drunk husbands back, apologizing on his behalf, bearing gifts and what not. Go read the full story on their situationship. But it’s made clear to us that emotional intelligence can prevent conflict and possibly a blood bath! …and who knows, maybe you’ll score a husband out of the deal 😉 This woman lost dololo and gained so much.

Let’s step out of the Bible and into my office…

I have been working with this really difficult colleague (difficult is not even the word, but these Accountants follow my blog so I’ll be less detailed), she would attack me as a person then tell me to not take it personally! Seriously!? When I look back at the confrontations we had, I have to drop my head in shame… I never knew I could be petty like that!

Growing up I was always a marsh mellow, a soft and cute push over. Then I went into the big people world got my fair share of bumps n bruises, and with every contusion my heart got a little less marsh-mellowy and a lot more callus. Because of this and the fact that I (used to) react out of my emotions/ feelings, I was always ready to get at whoever I “felt” was getting at me.

Then my best friend person introduced me to reason…  and he basically told me that “u gotta check yo’self before yo wreck yo’self”. And I had to ask my Father to do that Ezekiel 36 v 26 operation on my heart.

Today, I’m happy to say that I have since unfriended emotions (but it keeps stalking me) and followed reason.

What is the most important lesson you’ve learnt this year? Comment in the box below. Then stop by tomorrow again xo

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2 thoughts on “Can Anything Good Come Out Of 2k16?”

  1. When Emotions are High, Intelligence is low. EQ vs IQ. This was something I was taught by Mrs Roux, English teacher at Dié Brandwag Hoërskool. At the time (10 years ago) it was one of those philosophical statements made by a teacher. More and more it becomes relevant. I can so relate to your colleague story, days I would cry in the car on my way home from work,but then my skin burns, my head hurts and I just want to sleep. Lesson: She is crying out for attention and I am giving her mine by allowing her to negatively affect my spirit. I sing gummy bears and the smurfy song, singing a happy song every time I can sense an emotional response. It works for me, and she is less of a dragon. With regards to 2016, my most valuable experience(s) were with my boyfriend who taught me humility, ability to dream, gratitude and priceless happiness (if there is such). No need for a wallet, no need for fancy ingredients, no need for make up or high heels. Just doing things together – cleaning, getting rid of cockroaches, washing the car, baking a cake, analyzing a rugby game, doing an assignment, taking loooong walks looking at cars, shopping and a roadtrip alone through the Northern Cape. For so long my independence and ability to buy and see things or do things have robbed me from meaningful experiences. I have my smile back.

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