Once upon a time… I witnessed a miracle.

At the tender age of only 3 years, my sister got diagnosed with eczema. Its actually a very common skin decease, people usually get effected in the area on the inside of the elbows and behind the knees. As you can see in the pictures below sissy’s entire body was effected. She could only wear pure cotton clothing and to top it off she had other allergies and asthma which made matters worse.

      IMG_20150617_115001 IMG_20150617_114623

The memory of my parents coming into our room in the morning having to pull the covers off her body as a result of puss and blood that had hardened and stuck onto the duvet, is still so very clear. The smell is just as unforgettable. I remember my dad teaching her Psalm 139:14 and making her repeat the scripture over and over again. “I Praise you because i am fearfully and wonderfully made, Your works are wonderful, and my soul knows it very well”.  It’s only now that I realize how important positive affirmations are. We need to speak life into our situation, speak change into our current condition.

She didn’t have much friends growing up, most kids were scared of her scaly “ snake-skin” and their parents probably thought eczema is contagious.  The skin wasn’t always flaky, cracked and dry, sometimes there would be puss-filled bumps/pimples, the skin would be red and inflamed and the discomfort and itching would be so bad that she would scratch till she bled. And all we could do is stand by with a cold compress and prayer of cause.

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She was admitted to the Meyer Zall Institute, somewhere in the Garden Route. They did blood tests and she and my mum stayed there, while she received treatment. When she got back, she wanted a cat and she got one, and then allergies started and skin flared up and the cat had to go. I was 6 turning 7 years of age but I remember all the prayers, how she would lay in my mums arms and dad would anoint her head with oil. For years nothing changed, but my parents’ prayers never stopped. To date, there is no known cure for eczema, only ways to alleviate the itching and inflammation.

This is one of those situation where people typically ask ‘why does bad things happen to good people?” the thing is, us as Christians are not indemnified from the pain and suffering of this world, but we know that God is with us and He sees.

So whatever you are going through, know that this too shall pass, stay faithful, continue to trust, pray and speak life.

Judith Abercrombie

Photos and story was shared with the consent of my sister, Judith Abercrombie. I trust that you are encouraged by this message that prayer changes things. If you expect a miracle then a miracle will happen!!

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