Nope, I’m not talking about the angry silent treatment… neither am I referring to the times he’s not wearing his hearing aid, coz we have pretty much mastered communicating  without it. Ohkay, I may be exaggerating just a bit.


I’m on about those moments where you just bask in stillness. They say Comfortable silence is a rare and beautiful thing. Most of us live our lives in a constant struggle to fill the quiet with noise. We’re afraid of what happens when there’s nothing left to say.

Usually, the only thing that stops our conversations are either, goodbyes, need for sleep or when a third party enters… and we’re talking about stuff that won’t fly should other ears hear. Quite intense. Around here, he does most of the talking. Unbelievable right!  Everybody knows me for the bubbly person that I am, forever conversing and always ready with a topic to discuss… even with strangers. Besides the fact that I love listening to his voice, he’s got some things to say that is worth listening to.



Only a few know of the quiet me.  The me that throws a somersault when I get home and find it empty…because stillness. I love quietness. But not so much if someone else goes quiet on me. Like… am I really that boring or is something wrong? … this person must be in a foul mood!

I have this thing where I use to offer Laz a penny for his thoughts every 5 seconds whenever he is quiet…I’d be burning to know whats on his mind (yip! Im THAT annoying). But then he taught me the dopeness of shared silence.


Most of the conversations we have with people everyday, arent even verbal! Think about that for a minute. Small gestures of kindness, a durty look or cold shoulder carries more weight and speaks louder than words.

The points made above are proof that even in silence we are able to understand be understood.


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