Bath time is play-time for Jaz and I. I create a playful environment and then ask her about her day and school etc. Last night I noticed a bruise and asked her how she got it. She told me that a boy at her school had pushed her and she fell. I then asked her whether she pushed him back and she said no. Immediately my blood started to boil.

I teach my child to fight back, because I’m of the opinion that I won’t always be there to protect her and she needs to learn from a young age to fight her own battles and stand up for herself. I don’t want for her to be a push-over… no punn intended. I don’t think any mom wants her child to be the kid that everybody picks on. I don’t want her going around looking for a fight, dont get me wrong… all I want is for her to be able to defend herself.

IMG_20150619_160036It wasn’t untill I saw this picture of Patrick that I realised that I was actually teaching and encouraging Jaz to exercise revenge.

REVENGE : harming somebody in return for harm that they have caused.

The picture above, illustrates exactly what revenge does to you. It brings out the ugly in you… It makes you say things, horrible things in an attempt to get back at the person who done you wrong.

I am reminded of Romans 12:19 ‘Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: “It is mine to avenge; I will repay” Says the Lord.

NOTE: Let Go and Let God!

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