The past two weeks have been overwhelmingly hectic! Crazy, I tell you, in a good way. There is so much happening  behind the social media curtain of the #NotDEAFeted Deaf Awareness Campaign. Coz we still have our lives you know. So it’s late night post typing, video editing and emails sent that to this day got no reply! Praying and of cause…lots of cups of coffee. Oh, and a few interviews.


We got so caught up in the hype of all this that I told Laz, we need to prioritize us again. Like, our texts went from lovey-dovey  “Good morning boyfriend, how’d you sleep, have a blessed day –to something like this – BAAAAABY, wake your sleepy ass up!!! I’v got an awesome idea or what do you think about this and that…. oh sorry Love, good morning!

There is absolutely no denying we make one heck of a team (virtually fist bumping my beloved) but we were both so consumed with planning the next thing, researching and educating ourselves on topics to share with you all, and I didn’t want that, (so selfish I know). I didn’t want the campaign to be the main focus of our EVERY conversation. Even though I was always finding a way to bring it up. Contradictory much!! Generally, I’m one of the most laid back people, (ohkay I’m lying) I am easy going but I’m also super intense and very spontaneous, and there were times I felt like I was overwhelming the public, (like hold up with the  <3 ‘s girl!) many probably asked themselves why is she so overly involving herself?  That’s so Mandy of me, NO CHILL!


It’s amazing how my purpose aligns with his dreams, and my talent supports his gifts, and visa versa.  So far we had no major disagreements… unless you consider fighting over who took who’s USB cable charger or whose turn it is to make coffee, as major. He would disapprove of a video that I want to use… but mostly we give each other freedom to do what the other wants, we are both admins on the page with the same rights, I can only hope he won’t regret putting no restrictions on me LOL. We also don’t pre-read, unless the other asks for help with a title or so.  In more ways than one, this has brought us closer. He knows I get crabby when I’m tired. I know he’s waaaay more productive when listening to back ground music. Plus, I like what this is doing to him… Spiritually, I’ve noticed that, he has become more aware of his calling and purpose in life, and physically… the way his eyes light up must be because of the fire in his soul. It’s beautiful watching someone that you believe in, doing what you know they can. And seeing them fulfilled. This guy’s heart is pure!

The support we are receiving from both our families and our friends really warms our hearts. This is so important to Laz and I, and while clearing out my emails, the ones that got no response… (Yes, I’m still not over that) I realized that no matter how important this is to us, and no matter how good the cause… it doesn’t mean it is to the next person, and I totally get that now. That is why I personally want to tell each and every one who reads, who shares who talks about this to a colleague, who prays for us and who took a selfie, That we appreciate you!


So, below we give you a sneak peek into the stats for the past 16 days and the top 3 posts. I sincerely hope this encourages you to keep sharing and using the hashtag #NotDEAFeted. We look forward to the next 2 weeks of  creating more awareness.






Strong Alone, Unstoppable Together!

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