There is no better pastime than having a cup of coffee while waiting to board your flight home, reflecting on the holiday you just had and already making mental notes of what you have to do when you get back home. Or if you’re anything like me… you’d grab a coffee to go, sit in a central place watching people walk by while checking Instagram notifications, making small talk with the person next to you and smiling at strangers.

A few weeks ago I flew out to Johannesburg and got me some of that Starbucks liquid magic. I just love the ambiguity of that sentence… quite crafty I must say. No people, I am first world kinda poor, so I did not fly out to Jozi JUST to go have coffee. I WISH! I went on my annual mid-year vacay visiting my bestie who relocated to Pretoria a few years ago. (SIDENOTE: I only use the words Bae & Bestie in writing, but swear it will never cross my lips).

With both of us being coffee lovers, it’s obvious that a visit to Starbucks would be at the top of our itinerary. I was super stoked at the news that they have finally opened shop in South Africa. So now those of us who can’t afford to go abroad can also experience the delight of having Angels moonwalking on our tongues. Oh not forgetting the mandatory #Starbucks IG Post

That mandatory #Starbucks snap ? ☕ #Coffee #MallOfAfrica #JoziHoliday

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Being an excessive coffee consumer, having tasted different types of coffee imported from different parts of the world, I must admit that the best cup of coffee you will EVER drink… is that first cuppa in the morning, be it Frisco, Starbucks, Nescafé or Jacobs. IT IS WHAT IT IS!

The stains on last semester’s study notes testifies to the fact that I drink mostly Ricoffy & Jacobs Kronung, coz that’s what my mum buys. So to answer one of the TruthBeTold Q&As I honestly don’t have a favorite, when it comes to coffee… this girl ain’t loyal! BTW, I was sipping on a cup of Mastertons while typing this post!

Wishing all of you a short Monday and blessed Month ahead xo

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