He pursued me knowing very well that I came with, not just a little but ALOT more than the average girl… he read  10 Reasons NOT to date me  and ignored all those warnings.  He’s special like that! Boyfriend evens have my blog address bookmarked!!!(no emoji could accurately express how I reacted when I saw that).


Anyways, I found this video on my laptop of Laz and I where he explains my ratchet behavior, I cut that out (bbm can’t watch face, coz ya’ll don’t need to know me like that) but how he explains my laugh I left here for your entertainment… those of you who knows me personally, will know this to be true. I don’t hold back on laughs or tears.

I’m still very much ‘baar’ for my (not so new – anymore) boyfriend, hence the overshare!! I can’t promise that the uploads will stop! LOL  This is my data anyway!!  (Apologies to my international readers but we speak mostly Afrikaans in this Vid, also “baar” means…very fond of)

I can’t explain how awesome it is having someone, and doing life with someone who completely accepts you as a person. No pretense. He creates this environment where I have the freedom to be my ugly laughing self and still feel beautiful while I’m laying on the floor with half my gums on the outside of my mouth and tears rolling down the corners of my eyes. Honestly, I give meaning to ROFLMAO!

Here is his response to 10 Reasons not to date me:

I have always known about you. That’s exactly it. My family and everyone around me seemed to know you, but I knew only about your existence. While getting to know you, I learnt that you are a blogger… what better way for me to learn about the way you think, right?  I remember a post titled “Reasons not to date me”  I don’t know if the purpose of the post was to scare anyone who wants to pursue you, or to convince yourself why anyone wouldn’t want to pursue you, but let me tell you something…

  • It is because people have types that they become frustrated as to why they cant find of haven’t found that someone special yet. While focusing on the type you want, you become blind to what you really need. What I found in you cant be compared to a criteria.
  •  You, as you are, is what appeals to me. Go have your me-time. My plan is to ensure that it never becomes a means of ‘breaking free’ from me.
  • Your happiness is essential to my own. The moments you smile are the moments I want to be a witness to. I take pride in being able to experience life with you. Chances are, I’ll probably embarrass you more.
  • Guess who’s getting an extra plate of chips on the side…
  • Here’s to you remembering all the good times then, and to get me gifts on special days  😉
  • She is a princess indeed. I recognize her. I don’t intend on taking her place in your life… I want a place of my own.
  • Building a relationship is no different than building a house – a foundation is needed. The strongest foundation on which a relationship can be built is God’s Love, it is the very reason we are able to love in the first place (1 John 4:19)
  • Confidence is attractive. There is no doubt you can be ohkay on your own, but if I have an opportunity to do something with you or for you, I will take it.
  • We are all strong enough to stand alone… it’s a blessing to be with someone prepared to stand strong, I am deaf with a Cochlea implant, have primary hypertension and an enlarged heart. I take 6 pills a day. Thus, I too am a regular at the pharmacy. Let’s be sick together.
  •  A past cannot be changed, it can only be accepted. 







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