Jaz brought home a letter form school , asking the parents for donations for the Grade R Bake Sale, the profit would be used to buy new Arts and Craft material. I read it, put it away and forgot about it. (I’m sure you have done that too)

So two days before the date of the bake sale, I came across the letter, and guess what… I was broke!! I could go and buy a cake to sponsor, nor did I have the capital to purchase the ingredients to bake one. But there was no way on earth and in this life time that my child was going to school empty handed. I did some thinking and looked through my mum’s recipe books for inspiration. I found NOTHING… except for fudge, coconut, cupcakes, the everyday things.

I went to work the next day, it was soooo cold, and my manager surprised us with pancakes for tea time. So I thought of making pancakes, and then I thought that some other girl or boy’s mom is probably thinking the same thing. I felt pressured by time, as I had to have SOMETHING ready by that evening, but I didn’t want just anything.

So this is what I came up with…. Jasmine’s Waffle Sticks

IMG_20150522_083840 IMG_20150522_091633 IMG_20150522_091658IMG_20150522_091724

I used Snowflake Easymix Waffle and followed the instructions. Sprayed Cook n Bake and toasted it. First we tried to melt a Cadbury chocolate, that failed then we bought a R15.00 slab of Baking Chocolate, very easy to melt and doesn’t taste like oily/fatty cheap chocolate.  Its easy to make, doesn’t take up much time, pretty to look at and taste delicious.

You should’v seen the sparkle in Jasmine’s eyes.  She was so proud to carry the Waffle Sticks, that her mommy made.

…and this was how I survived my first bake sale!!

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