Seeing that I’m new to the Blogger-sphere, I thought I’d share a few facts about myself…


1. I worked a part time job at Mr Price Clothing, while studying.

2. I’v had 2 operations in my life time.

3. My all time favorite color is Royal Blue- to wear, Purple for gadgets and Lime Green just makes me happy.

4. I eat super fast, but drink slowly.

5. I don’t have any tattoos, only scars.

6. I bruise easily…seriously! I always have a blue mark on my leg.

7. I love Afrikaans Movies and Songs.

8. I’v never paid my own flight tickets, thanks to Sautech – the IT Auditors I worked for.

9. I’d choose flowers over roses, and lavender over flowers.

10. I was a thumb-sucking ear rubber from birth to the 10th grade.

11. I can’t fall asleep without covering myself with a blanket, even during hot summer days.

12. I roller blade and ice skate like a pro!

13. I’m a bad cook, but I bake really well.

14. Highly competitive when it comes to sports and board games.

15. I can count my friends on my hands, pay no mind to what Facebook says.

16. Dogs over Cats anyday!!

17. I hate Sushi and Escargot (snails), but I’m proud to say that I’v tried it.

18.  I have my drivers’ for 5 years, still no traffic fines.

19. I laugh loudly and cry easily.

20. My favorite shoes, are socks.

21. I sing all the time, and do my best cleaning and sorting while listening to music.

22. My favorite fruit is pineapple, I’m tropical like that!!

23. I’m not extremely organized but I do have OCD tendencies every now and again.

24. I like rainy days better than sunny days.

25.  I don’t like my handwriting.

Can you spot me...OVIAAS!!
            Can you spot me…OVIAAS!!

  I’d like to hear from you… just drop a few random facts about yourself in the comment box.

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  1. Hehe! Had a good laugh at these and funny how I can relate to this. Has me thinking…what can I say about myself.

    1. I don’t like cooking, I cook cause I have to, not because I enjoy it
    2. I prefer to shower instead of bathing
    3. Washing any day – ironing no no no
    4. I’m a sales rep, which requires abit of driving although I do not like driving or going on senseless drives without a agenda or definite point of arrival
    5. I grew up without a father and have been better off – and I have never used this as an excuse or in the form of a shortfall
    6. I have a very bad memory
    7. Hate spending money on clothing
    8. Love being spoilt and pampered (married the right guy too hehe)
    9. After a failed relationship at a young age, I never wanted to get married
    10. I am a recipe book hoarder (I might never open them but I have them)
    11. I talk very loud & can laugh even louder
    12. I am not an affectionate person (hugs, kisses ect…are few and far between)
    13. Generally I don’t show sympathy easily
    14. Impatience I have in double doses
    15. I love pretty nails even though I’m a nail biter
    16. I had blonde hair as a child
    17. I cant swim but can save my life should I land into trouble one day
    18. Cleaning rather then cooking anyday
    19. I am a family person
    20. Rather sun shine then rain
    21. Expressing myself is easier in writing then face to face
    22. I cry when I’m happy, upset, angry, anything really – I cry easily
    23. Sarcasm is my weakness and so is modesty
    24. I eat biltong – any animal, but won’t eat cooked venison
    25. I am a sucker for comfort zones!

    1. Mellissa… i feel u on number 1, Number 2 we differ! I only shower when Im really really late. Number 5 i love, simple because you do not play the victim!!!! high five!! number 18,19 and 22 got me thinking maybe we are sisters. lol Thanks so much, i appreciate this kind of love.

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