Sometimes I read my blog…and ask myself “why’d you post that crap”, “what were you thinking woman… were you even thinking”?

And then I realize I should probably stop writing at night!! Sorry to dissapoint those of you who think I sit at my desk and type, nah! I lay on my bed in my PJs, drinking coffee and writing whats on my heart, onto the pages of a book. Kind of like the midnigh talks in the dark I have with Ez… before I fall asleep under our conversations. But with the blog I sometimes wish I was a little less truthfull and not as detailed!

So I’ve been blogging for 8 months and yesterday I contemplated ditching the blog, because it didn’t represent me anymore. So I sent my cyber friend & craft buddy  JustEllaBella a text and she answered my question with a question!!! WHY was the word that slapped me! It had me thinking of why I started this in the first place.


I read a book where the author told a story of him coming home from school one day with a plaster over his knee. When his mom saw this she asked what had happened, he explained to her that he fell at school and the teacher put a plaster over the wound, the mother then responded with the words that inspired me to start this blog “Things that are covered doesn’t heal well” and so she took it off and cleaned it up!

At that point I was in desperate need of healing and I didn’t care who saw my wound or if it made people around me uncomfortable.  I wanted to talk to other wounded people but because so many of them had their’s covered up it was abit difficult… so I tore mine off publically.

I blog to help people understand that while you are on your journey of PURSUING PURPOSE thing will happen. Lotsa things! You will be derailed by life’s events, there will be distractions and tough life lessons learnt, but be reminded that you are more than an overcomer in Christ and that God will perfect everything concerning you.

I blog to share with you the unconditional Love that swept me off my feet and that carries me each day. To encourage my fellow sisters to hold on to ever promise, because blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!

A heartfelt thank you to those who have shown me love  by sending me encouraging messages and asking when the next post will be… it really warms my heart.


This is why I blog and why I will continue to do so… have a good weekend!!


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11 thoughts on “WHY I BLOG.”

  1. I have asked myself the same question. I don’t speak in emotion – but I can emote in script. If your testimony can help someone else it’s always worth it. Don’t stop blogging. It puts things into perspective and could just be the answer to someone else’s “stuff”. Keep going and God bless 🙂

  2. Thank you for not stopping. I love reading your blog. I believe the strategy of the enemy is to still our voices. I salute you for being brave enough to share your deepest emotions and for being so real. You held women who aren’t as brave as you to speak out. Mwahzzz keep on writing girl.

  3. Thank you Ruth. I have been following your blog for quitr some time now and I must say, you have inspired me in so many ways. Reading your post on why you blog made me think about why I started blogging too, also why I am so open about things happening, and that it is a step towards healing.

    Feel free to read mine. (old) (new)

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