I’ve been quiet, not because I don’t have anything to say or write about; on the contrary, I have SO MUCH to share.

To the 23 people who hit the follow by email button and the 3 who emailed me to hear where I was… I got slammed by a monster of a wave and have been turning and tumbling for the last three weeks. Just as I was about to come up for air, I got knocked down again. No, I’m not talking about my surfing lessons, I’m talking LIFE!!

It’s kind of my own fault, coz I wasn’t ready. Which is weird seeing that my motto for the year is Plan. Prepare. Pursue.



January went on for what seems to be forever!

  • Jaz started Big School. It wasn’t on a Monday, so I didn’t have the luxury of a Sunday to prepare myself properly, and I was already back at work so things were chaotic. Thank God for my Mother!!
  • She lost her 1st tooth. Actually, I pulled it out, it was hanging on a piece of flesh and was irritating her. She knows the tooth fairy doesn’t exist but wanted to do the whole ‘tooth under pillow thing’ and so we did.
  • I joined the work netball team – Wii not fit. I love socializing with my colleagues and meeting new people, but hate it when my opponet’s sweaty arm touches mine, (there’s got to be a rule against that!!)… so far we’ve been winning. BTW I’m the GA / GS … just saying.

I ended the month off on a high note. I supported my friend with the launch of their young adults ministry (Rooted) at Elim Assembly in Uitenhage. So much happened that it seemed as if I wasn’t going to make it for the weekend, but the devil is a liar. (can I get an amen!) I was blessed out of my high heels. Have you ever felt as if the Message or the Worship was meant just for you, tailored to your needs? The lyrics of every song was exactly what you needed to hear? Yip! it went down like that.

So I took a leave-day to sit down (with pen & paper) to plan & prioritize. It’s not as easy as it sounds. I had to let go of things that doesn’t serve my purpose. I know which direction I’m heading in and had to get rid of all the distractions.

TIP:  I downloaded the Passion Planner which is an awesome tool to use.

Now that I have planned and am well prepared… I’M READY TO PURSUE.


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