I’ve been wanting to do this for the longest of times, I’ve dreamt about it, talked about it, watched YouTube videos and promised myself that one day I WILL learn how to surf… but never did I! Shame.

Even when I moved to JBay from Johannesburg my surfing threats  remained idle. UNTIL (a year later), I answered a question in the local newspaper and BAM… I received an email the day before I went on my well deserved annual leave, confirming that I won two free surf lessons to the value of R600. Excellent timing!! My colleages looked at me sideways as I did my happy dance.



Obviously I wasn’t going to let the opportunity gather dust!! I called immediately and made an appointment for the next morning. I reported to Wavecrest Surf School in Drommedaris street, a conspicuous yellow shop with surfboards and wetsuits out front and a few blonde guys soaking up some sun… I  received a warm welcome and knew I was at the right place.

My dad joked about whether I’ll find a wetsuit that fits and goes around my calves… I must admit, I was abit worried about that as well.  Surfers are always skinny (or so i thought), but that’s probably because 2 hours surfing burns approximitely 750 calories…

SIDE NOTE: getting into a wetsuit is hard work! (it reminded me why im not too fond of skinny jeans) But once it’s on you forget that your wearing it!

We got geared up, we- the other “surf students” and instructors and headed off to the beach. No matter what size the group, everybody gets personal attention. The instructors are super passionate about their work and celebrate each individual’s little achievements like it’s some awesome victory.

Should you ever find yourself down south in JBay, do yourself a favour and book a surf lesson at Wavecrest Surf School, (remember to hit the LIKE button) I promise you’ll have a supurb time. Also check out the Hashtag #WavecrestSurfSchool on Instagram. For more info click  HERE to view their website.

With 3 lessons under my belt and a few scheduled for later this month, I’m looking forward to sharing my experience with you guys, therefor I have dedicated a section of my blog that will let you in on all things surf related, so you can join me on  my learn to surf journey. First post will be  a Surf Lesson Thaught me to:  Decide & Commit. (Watch out for that one soon) Then you can tag along on my quest to finding my first board.

Have a good day and splendid week ahead xx

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