If you’re a regular on my blog you’d know that I attended the Curls in the City Meet Up  a few Saturdays back and they gifted me with the Nubian Nature Natural Hair Care Range. Never have I heard of this brand before but it was beautifully packaged… how could I not get excited!

This was awesome for me seeing that I’m newly natural. To start my journey, being guided by a tribe of naturals whom I trust only wants what is best for fellow curly girls.

I received the following products in my gift bag:


Hair Essence, Carrot Hydrating Custard with Baobab Oil & Mango- Cirus Nourish Créme.

This is worth R 300.00 ( but you can get it for cheaper, read on…)

I’m very fussy when it comes to Jasmine’s hair (my 6year old curly girl) I only stick to products and brands I know. However I couldn’t wait to try out this new range on Jaz’ thirsty hair!!


Usually Naturals don’t look forward to wash day except for when they have new product to test out!  Nubian Nature hit me with a curve ball (I must confess), I did not expect this kind of results from a South African brand BUT this product slapped that perception right out of my head.

Side Note : Child NEVER EVER smiles while I’m detangeling her locks… normally she would keep the towel over her eyes. This is what the comb looked like after I did her entire head of hair, this was unbelievable!


The picture below can testify to the fact that the Carrot Hydrating Custard is my favorite so far, for both me & Jasmine’s locks.  When I asked her what her thoughts were, she said “It smells delicouis and it makes my hair nice & soft”.



Nubian Nature could gladly add Jaz and I to their list of happy clients, I will definately be stocking up on their products. They also have an insane offer of 25% off ALL ITEMS running till 21 December 2015, check it out HERE and place your order soonest.

After the first use of the Nubian Nature products I noticed that Jasmine’s dry & dull hair is hydrated, well moistured and evens have a shine… I’m impressed!!


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5 thoughts on “Nubian Nature – Review”

  1. RRuth from what age did you start using products on your girls hair. My baby girl also has girly hair and I would also like to go natural with her hair. Currently I’m using baby shampoo and conditioner and baby oil for moisture but somehow it dries her hair out. Any advice on what I can use for her hair?

    1. Hi Roz, I also used baby oil for the longest of times, it really does dry out their hair. I dont think I did the best I could wrt Jazzy’s hair, and used the wrong products so I’ll see if I can find someone to answer your question coz baby is only a few months old, then email you later. xo

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