Dear Diary,

This morning I woke up, said my prayers, took a shower, got dressed, did my makeup… basically I did the everyday- morning routine. But something wasn’t right. I couldn’t put my finger on it though.

So I left for work.

Upon arrival, I had to attend to important matters  and it was already 07:55 am, so there was’nt any time for the typical morning social-media catchup. And so my day went from email to email, phone call to overwhelmingly hectic! Until one of my dear colleagues pointed out the fact that there weren’t any empty coffee mugs at my desk!   (which was very unusual)

Aahhh… THAT WAS IT! I missed my morning cuppa, and every other cup after that. So from there on my life was sunshine & roses again.

At lunch time I logged onto facebook, just to be reminded that today would’ve been my wedding anniversary. HA! I was surprised and kind of shocked that I have forgotten all about it, and the fact that this day (09 December)  didn’t have any special meaning to me…  (Shocked because i’m a VERY  sentimental person and dates are not just numbers to me)

Facebook slapped me with the reality that I am indeed an “Ex-Wife”. A title I’m not very fond of. Ex- Wife sounds so mean and wicked, same as step-mom! Ex-Wife sounds bitter, old and ugly, and Ex -Wife sounds very rich. Which I AM NOT!! I feel extremely under qualified for this title!


So here I am, 25 years of age… the youngest Ex-Wife I know.  It’s been  4 months since I got divorced, so I’m abit inexperienced. BTW when do I lose the title? I hate the negative connotations that goes with it.

As much as I hate it, I won’t just rush into a relationship or get married to NOT be some looser ex-wife. It seems I didn’t get the memo that say “It’s a compition, the person who gets a new gf, bf, spouse or child is the winner… on ur mark, get set, GO”. All that effort just to prove to the world that you have indeed moved on. I’ll rather then keep them in the dark thinking Im still a “wounded soldier” in the army of Love.

I’m over here on the south with sand between my toes, very chilled… excited about regaining my sense of self and appreciating the new beginning. Sorting out my own things, getting educated and going on adventures with friends & colleagues. Minding my own business and raising a princess while enjoying all the little pleasures life has to offer…

Diary, I could easily have been a bitter, self-pitying, sad-mad exwife… but I’m too lazy for that.



















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