It’s that time of the year where everybody takes on the long road to be with their family over the festive season. Traveling during this time is a nightmare… airports are overcrowded and the South African roads are insanely busy. “In-landers” flee to coastal towns and the coastal folk are irritated by their driving and general ‘always in a rush’ way of life… (you’re on holiday for goodness sake RELAX).

When traveling do concider the following:

1. The Weather/ Climate of your Holiday Destination. 

This was me boarding a plane in PE (Clouded & Rainy), an hour and somewhat minutes later Gauteng welcomed me with clear skies and a little bit of sunshine. Check the weather forecast.


2. Reliable Transport.

Luckily I never missed a fligh or bus before, but my sissy has… and  It’s such a hassle to get new tickets and to top it off you don’t get your money back or any discounts in most cases. Make sure the person who is dropping you off, is punctual and has a reliable vehicle. Get there early, to avoid being in a rush.


3. Leave the baggage behind.

Thanks to years of sports travel and youth camps, I pack like a dude. I have mad folding skills and I only pack what is necessary. Example of unnecessary/ baggage… if I know there is no swimming pool/ ocean where Im going but still pack in swimwear. I know, I know… us ladies like to be ‘prepared’.

4. Dress Comfortably when Traveling by Car / Bus.

Tracksuit/ yoga pants, or shorts are normally what I wear. I usually drink lots of water instead of fizzy drinks (coz it make you bloated and gassy and you need to respect the people your roadtripping with – No Farting) so there’s quite alot of pee breaks along the side of the road and being quick is a matter of life or death. (Guess u didn’t see me as the public peeing type)

5. Play List of Sing Along Hit-Songs.

Entertainment on the long road is very important… especially to keep the driver awake.

Klein road trip… Potch bound? @eztinkels @angush1103 #SorryMissJackson #WeddingVibes #WeekendAway

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In conclusion, I would like to advise you to make use of ur GPS  (even if you know the road) Coz it alerts you of speed traps, road works etc.  It’s always a good idea to take along a bottle of pepper spray.

HA! who am I to give travel tips as if I’m a jet setter… do share some of YOUR travel tips with me by commenting on this post, I would like to hear from you.

Side Note : Please drive responsibly and enjoy our beautiful country.


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