On Saturday I had the pleasure of attending Curls in the City’s very first Curl Talk event, where a tribe of naturals came together and embraced eachothers locks… no matter the curl pattern. I was totally impressed by the setting and the arrangements done by the organizer, Claire.  The event was hosted at Leo’s Bistro in Walmer PE…good food I tell u!! The atmostphere crated by those who attended was amazing…not only do these ladies have big hair but big personalities also!


Curl talk is an event which focused on Natural/ Curly Hair.  We had a fun and very informative morning, sharing hair horror stories, tips & tricks, “tools of the trade” and obviously products. Speaking of products… there were lucky draws and I received the  Nubian Nature Range! How cool is that! You may expect a review later this week!


The organizer and her team ( which happens to be her sisters) wore Tshirts with #LookLikeYou printed on  it. Encouraging curly girls to be proud and unapologetic about their hair, to stop fighting the curl, but rather enhance it and the overall health of your hair.

I look forward to future Curls in the City events and to seeing our community grow.  For more pictures do visit their Facebook Page (click HERE) and while ur at it, please hit the LIKE button.

Side Note: I endured 2 and a half hours of hair envy… not ayoba!


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  1. Thanks Ruth for the great write up
    It is because of people like you and your blog, that we will create even more awareness for embracing our natural hair and beauty. We also cannot wait for the next curl session. ☺

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